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  1. mike4727

    Dead Speedo and Tacho problem

    I have just been on first short trip out for fuel this year and discovered the speedo and rev counter not working. Also the warning buzzer on the dash light switch is sounding constantly when lights switched on, normally it will go silent when ignition is on, any clues welcomed before major...
  2. mike4727

    Daybreak cab heating and a/c dead

    Hi all , my 2002 Daybreak 2775 on P32 chassis with Vortec 8.1 as above. No cab heating or a/c, no response from dash control panel at all, no heat coming back from radiator even in this cool weather and with normal engine running temperature. I have so far checked all fuses under the bonnet and...
  3. mike4727

    Crete for winter - any experiences to share ?

    As per above, thinking of spending a few months in Crete to avoid the worst of what can be quite severe winter weather here in Bulgaria, this will be a proving trip for the new to us Daybreak 2775, we would like to have mixed experiences of campsites and wilding if possible and will have our...
  4. mike4727

    urgent help needed

    Can anyone please help with the location of chassis / vin number on 2002 damon daybreak, needed for registration in bulgaria
  5. mike4727

    2002 Workhorse Chassis Electrics

    Hi again, I am trying to get to grips with the electrics on my Damon Daybreak 2775 but cannot find any relevant manuals available anywhere so far. My current problem is with the dash heater / aircon wiring but I would like to get hold of a manual for the complete wiring system if possible, a...
  6. mike4727

    Sicily for winter ?

    I have used the search but can't find any recent reports on wintering in Sicily by RV. I like the look of the place and it is much closer for me than Spain / Portugal etc. Does anyone have any experiences that they could share about sites, access, general do's and don't's, all comments appreciated.
  7. mike4727

    Hazard flasher lamps ?

    so there I was the other day cruising through Germany on my way home with my new toy when the traffic on the motorway suddenly slowed and everyone turned on their hazard lights, I went to do the same but couldn’t find them! Next fuel stop I investigated further but to no avail, I have now made a...
  8. mike4727

    I’ve only gone and done it !

    I flew to UK on Tuesday and by yesterday I was the proud owner of a Damon Daybreak 2775 of 2002 vintage and in good condition for the year. I will have loads of questions to ask now ! First one is where do they hide the engine number ? The V5 states unknown and I have not found it on the engine...
  9. mike4727

    Rexhall 315 Clipper - Any Comments Please

    I am interested in the above for my first RV and thought I would call on the expertise here as I have no real information on the make regarding build quality etc and I would have to travel long distance for viewing. It appears well kept and good condition for 2001 model and has Triton V10 with...
  10. mike4727

    Hello from sunny Bulgaria

    Hi everyone and a big sunny hello from the Black Sea coast of Varna in Bulgaria. I joined the madhouse some months ago but have just been watching quietly until now as I know little or nothing about RVs although I have had motorhomes for some years and been a member of the Fun site for a few...