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    Good evening everyone we have a 2004 28ft R Vision with two slide outs which we had intended to sell this year because of ill health, unfortunately on checking it over we have discovered a small problem with the roof although we have had no leaks it was soft in one place so we have decided to...
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    Rv site in York

    The Ballon festival is held at Naburn Lock every year its over Fri-Sun but were going up Wed making a week of it,we don't have a car and mobility is an issue with me so the 15 min bus ride into York and the river boat to the centre of York will be great...
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    Rv site in York

    Were going up to Naburn Lock just outside York on Wed for the Ballon Festival heard great things but have never been, you can get the river boat into York which will be handy and bus stop just outside,just hope the weather is ok for the festival will check out Wagtail while were up that way,
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    Where Do We Get new Window screen From

    Finally after weeks of going back and forth with Adrian Flux,The underwriters,uncle Joe Cobley and all we have finally been given the go ahead for LAS to supply and fit our window screen with no extra access being charged to ourselves. What a bloody performance they wanted to use their own...
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    Where Do We Get new Window screen From

    Thank you all for your replies very helpful,looks like we will have to wait till we come back from Scotland to get it all sorted,if it was just the two of us going I wouldn't mind cancelling and getting the van sorted but were taking my 83 year old mum and shes really looking forward to it...
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    Where Do We Get new Window screen From

    Morning all I don't post very often hope you wont hold that against me,but love reading the posts everyday we have a problem that I'm sure someone will be able to help.Our window screen needs replacing its cracked along bottom of passenger side to big for repair,made an insurance claim with...
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    help needing to find r-vision fibreglass front end

    Welcome to the site we also have a r vision which model do you have you could try we have purchased quite a few bits from marine suppliers where are you based .
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    Do You Own Sea Breeze at Oakhill Leisure

    I was just wondering if the owner of the sea breeze stored at Oakhill Leisure Norton Disney is a member on here, noticed it was new to the storage when we were over their today.
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    Before we purchased our own RV we looked into hiring one for The Goodwood Festival prices started at £6650 you just turn up the van is waiting not allowed to drive it .so big money to be made,we wouldn't dream of renting ours out but we are retired so can use it whenever but if you only get a...
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    Cupboard bars can anyone make use of.

    Hi Arthur Don't know why your not receiving my emails I have received yours I don't see why they wouldn't fit we have white ones in our fridge but as long as its not more than 17in wide should work the same let me have your address I will pop them in the post tomorrow please don't worry about...
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    Cupboard bars can anyone make use of.

    I have send you a PM Arthur about 10 min ago if you haven't received it let me know.
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    Cupboard bars can anyone make use of.

    Still have 5 bars left if anyone can make use of them
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    Cupboard bars can anyone make use of.

    Hi I have just purchase 4 packs of 3 oak cupboard bars from the US thinking they were the same size as the white ones I have purchased from Duncan big mistake,my own fault, I have only used one in our kitchen cupboard they are too small to fit any of the others they fit up to 17in if any one...
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    Getting a vehicle (van) delivered to Parc Verger

    Hi Sue we have a Ford Galaxy 7 seat at the mo with a winch fitted for my large mobility scooter there is plenty of room but its quite a large motor,the scooter would have fitted in the 5 seater if you didn't require any spare seats but we have our grandchildren often so needed the space for...
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    Has anyone fitted mobility scooter on back

    Has anyone fitted a mobility scooter on the back of rv and have you had any mishaps with it,I don't really want to downsize to a fold up as I don't like to just stick to the path but be able to go off road .
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    Longest time at any one site

    Just wondering how long you all usual stay on one site,do you move on after a few days or stay several weeks.
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    Another Slide Question Can Anyone Help

    That was one thing Ian did do right he emptied it before we but it onto the storage no problems, must of been all the practice he had with the septic tank when we had our cottage always problems with that.
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    Another Slide Question Can Anyone Help

    Thank you all for the info will work through it all when we go over again at the weekend hopefully it will be something simple,we knew about having the ignition off etc buts thanks Landy Lover for confirming this. Were you all experts when you bought yours or did you all go through these...
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    Another Slide Question Can Anyone Help

    One of our slides has suddenly stopped working,the van is kept at a secure storage site when not in use and it was working fine last week when we were there doing a few jobs,nothing electrical. When we returned this week the lounge slide is not working it is in at the moment which is good...
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    Exciting Curtains and Blinds Questions

    We have just renewed our venetian blinds and curtains we ordered 3 made to measure blinds in a wood effect which were by no means the cheapest but went well with the new upholstery they cost us £98 for the three,all the old blinds had something to hold them in place when traveling which we can...