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  1. North

    Chris S-S Birthday

    Sorry it’s late mate. Hope you have a big smile on your face with all these brilliant vibes In here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
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    477k, Opening Bid 100 Bucks..

    No thanks (y)
  3. North

    Happy Birthday to Sootty, aka Nigel and Lesley

    Hope you had a wonderful day. And there’s still some left. :) :)H a p p y B i r t h d a y:)
  4. North

    OOoooh ! - Look wot'son eBay

    :):):):):) In my ‘no plan’ plan, if my wallet had it, I’d buy it. Thank’s Dodgit.
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    Happy Birthday Deb of @Soulbuddies

    H A V E A B R I L L I A N T D A Y
  6. North

    Chassis type

    This might help? Good luck Trimman.
  7. North

    Good Morning

    North’s faded livery, through my van window. Enjoy the day everyone. :)
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    Dogs in their RVs

    Hi Gareth, and a big handshake. Amy more of yours?
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    Good Morning

    Wanted to put this pic in a few days ago when I walked out from my caravan on Rob’s yard, hoping it was good weather for his harvest, then ran out of internet. That’s why I’m posting so early - not to interrupt your ‘this is a unique day’ flow of good morning goodwill. Mo is an inspiration. As...
  10. North

    Happy Birthday Judy - old Mo

    Meal out, the Stockton Flyer and your man Mo! Happy Birthday yesterday, Mrs Mo.
  11. North

    Dogs in their RVs

    Never done a forum before. Sorry to all those who witnessed the serotonin hits of people responding, putting my ego on steroids. Life eh? Thank god I’m alive and learning. :) ............... Lexie and Skye are snoozing on the sofa I plan to reupholster. And the last on one is just for my mate...
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    Good Morning

    Good morning to all from Sunny Intervals Oswestry. Just got up! :tmi: and ready to find out what’s up with North’s brakes. Have a great day.
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    Dogs in their RVs

    Here are the three I’m doghouse sitting: Gemma, the most affectionate female on the planet! Another rescue Rex bites ankles; and on the right is Lillly, a complete shitsuoe tart when on heat. (Big thanks to Phillip and Debs for every opportunity to enjoy a slice of life) Back to the...
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    Extend a stay

    Phillip, its great to hear you’re in there now. Yes to the male no. 2 pic - to which you attach an external bottle. No. 1 pic? Hopefully someone will be along soon All the best for now. ®
  15. North

    Techno help

    [Chris, didn’t mean you weren’t — a real expert. Just trying to help too.]
  16. North

    Techno help

    Philip, If you’re really stuck, PM me. No promises, but i’m Okay on this stuff. Prefer though a real expert would appear here. So give it 30 mins. Then PM me. [So this is it then? You’re in! )
  17. North

    Dogs in their RVs

    What a dog! What a tandem! :)
  18. North

    Emojis confounding posts. Is there a trick, workaround?

    :awareness: :acceptance: :resolution: :move on: :journey: :living life: :happy: Got it. Okay, the emojis are temperamental , just like us. ®
  19. North

    Emojis confounding posts. Is there a trick, workaround?

    Yep Chatter Maggie, I thinks its an OS/kit thing... So thanks for the prompt: As I’m doghouse sitting at the mo... Tech people: I’m on an IMac Pro 9.7 inch running Safari though 12.4. Hope that helps. Thanks Maggie. PS. Great pics in Dogs in their RVs
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    Emojis confounding posts. Is there a trick, workaround?

    Hi good people who take care of the tech and functionality of this great forum. Paul&Debra and me are enountiering “OOPS’ from the server when including emojis. I have tried everything else when this OOPS appears, but the only certain workaround is to delete the emojis, after which our posts...