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    Mirror for Ford Coachmen 2007

    We have A 2007 Ford Coachmen and the right side mirror head and glass needs to be replaced ( A motorhome driver took his hands off the steering wheel to wave at us whilst we were driving up a Mountain in Scotland a hit us ) We have contacted Coachmen who said it is a Hadley and they don't...
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    Can we drive through Switzerland without having to take hairpin bend roads ?

    We are going to Sardinia and thought about driving through Switzerland , can it be done without hitting hairpin bends etc we have a Ford Coachmen and have heard the vehicle coming down the road has priority so we would have to reverse :cry::eek: down a possible hazardous road, has anyone done it...
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    New oven needed

    We have a 2007 Ford Coachman and the original Apollo oven has been removed and replaced with a small Thetford which does not heat the food but burns everything, we would like a new Apollo oven or half time convection microwave but UK parts suppliers say they do not ship them in now as they would...