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    Narrow Site Entrances

    On a similar theme to Mick & Pat's thread on "Tightest Pitches" - has anyone experienced narrow site entrances. Here's one at Caravan Club CL - Giffords Farm, Clapham, North Yorkshire. John & Carole
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    Another Electrical Problem

    A couple of days ago we tripped the site bollard residual current device, were reconnected only to trip the earth leakage device in the RV. We changed over to another hook-up cable which solved the problem. I suspect the issue was caused by damp plugs on the cable, so dismantled and dried out...
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    Road Fund Licence

    We will be crossing the Channel for the first time in June for an extended touring trip of Northern Europe and don't know what to do regarding our road fund licence.It expires on 31 August 2011, therefore, we cannot avail ourselves of the scheme to retax two months prior to the expiry date...
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    Motorcycle for Sale

    Our 2011 Harley is due for delivery in September, therefore, have for sale a 2008 Harley Davidson Fat Boy, approximately £1000 of extras, 2700 miles - immaculate - £12,750. John
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    LPG Cylinders

    Are there any travel trailer/5th wheel owners out there who use American cylinders (Worthington, etc.)? We have the bayonet adaptor and can fill the cylinders at the smaller independent garages but the multi-nationals just won't allow us to fill them. I am in the process of attaching a...
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    Are we the first?

    Hi Jim Many thanks for the new section. As requested, attaching pic of our outfit to start things off. John & Carole
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    New to the Forum

    Hi All, We are John & Carole and have been fulltiming since 1997. Our first outfit was a Ford F250 pickup towing a 29' Hobby Excellent. We then changed to a 28' Allegro. Our next outfit was a 32' Fleetwood Flair pusher. Next we downsized to a 25' Gulf Stream BT Cruiser and lastly we changed to...