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  1. Gareth

    For Sale Damon Daybreak 3270 DIESEL

    We've decided to part with our Daybreak as we are now in Spain our final destination of our journey. Rather than type out everything again, here's the eBay ad. We're open to sensible offers. Gareth
  2. Gareth

    Camping Barcelona

    great site at Mataro, nor Barcelona. Big pitches, will fit 40ft'ers. Hook ups inc water, electric and waste. The campsite runs a FREE shuttle bus into Mataro and a FRRE coach into Barcelona. Good access, good clean facilities, bar, restaraunt, pool and very dog friendly. Worth a visit.
  3. Gareth

    New camera kit

    has anyone tried to fit a new rear view camera kit to a daybreak? The original wiring loom looks as though it goes through the ceiling void, which is impossible to do without removing panels now. I'm thinking of taking the loom under the body (in conduit) can anyone foresee any problems doing...
  4. Gareth

    Marjal facilities

    Hi, As we've never been to Marjal and quite a few members have, I was just wondering what facilities they have for RVs - especially the waste side of things... Is it possible to connect/dump waste using a 3inch slinky on your pitch or are the waste dumps away from the pitch. We've been to a...
  5. Gareth

    Electrolux AES RM4605 Refridgerator - no power

    The only type of luck I'm having at the moment is bad luck. I'm in the South of France at the moment. Firstly our air con packs in (we've had temperatures of 42 degrees). Now the refrigerator has packed in! We're on EHU and the refridgerator has been temperamental due to the weather, however...
  6. Gareth

    Rear view camera/monitor

    can anyone help me fault find on my rear view camera or monitor - one of them has given up on me whilst on the road in France. Is there an easy way of finding out which one has gone kaput, so I can replace the faulty part? Thanks Gareth
  7. Gareth

    Blocked black tank?

    i think our black tank is blocked. When emptied it, there was waste still left in, tried to flush out clean water with no success. Any advice, tips welcome! Gareth
  8. Gareth

    Disabled facilities

    not sure if anyone else has a disability, but this is just my point of view and a general wine about facilities. I'm a below leg amputee, I can use showers, but ones which don't become an ice rink when wet. A seat is good too (try standing on one leg in the shower and then try to wash your foot...
  9. Gareth

    Parc Verger

    will anyone of be at Parc Verger on 10th June? We're using it as a stopover for one night and would love to meet up with any of you Gareth and Amanda
  10. Gareth

    First time in France with an RV...

    We're off to France on Tuesday for the first time in our RV and just wondered what parking was like at supermarkets, is there enough space to park up and what's the access like in general?
  11. Gareth

    RV width dilema

    Hopefully someone will be able to help or give me some advice. My RV is 10ft wide including mirrors (8ft body). We're shortly going to be driving from the UK to France, Portugal and Spain. I have a Tom Tom camper sat nav which I can put in the maximum width of 8ft. How will this affect my...
  12. Gareth

    Camping Le Bastide

    has anyone been here or had any experience? It's in the Dordogne are of France.
  13. Gareth

    Moor Lodge Caravan Park, Nr Leeds

    Just thought I'd give you some info on a site we're currently staying on for a couple of nights before heading to Naburn Lock Caravan Park. Moor Lodge Caravan Park is situated on the outskirts of Leeds (Nr Shadwell, if you know the area). Its very rural and if you look up to the skies, you'll...
  14. Gareth

    We've gone full time

    We're now living full time in our RV since the 9th May before we set off on our trip around Europe and loving it, although I'm still a newbie, I'm certainly getting to know the in's and out's of using the RV. On another note... Does anyone have any experience of using Star Spangled Spanner? The...
  15. Gareth

    Dumping black waste at an Elsan Point??

    I'm after some advice - can we dump our black waste at an Elsan Point?
  16. Gareth

    New awning - Damon Daybreak

    has anyone got contact details for anyone who can supply and fit a new awning to my Daybreak in the Yorkshire area of the UK? Despite not erecting the awning and ensuring everything was as it should be the wind caught the awning and pulled it off the RV, breaking brackets and a couple of the...
  17. Gareth

    Spare bulb kit for European travels - Damon Daybreak

    I'm trying to get prepared to travel Europe and I'm trying to put together my bulb kit for my Damon Daybreak 3270 (yr 2000) and looking for the bulbs I need. Has anyone else done this and have a list of the bulbs I need?
  18. Gareth

    Collected RV and first bad experience of campsite

    After months of hunting for our perfect RV I picked it up today and drove it for the first time - loved it, but need more hours behind the wheel so things will become second nature. Booked in a campsite 4 days ago ( Cringles Caravan Site, Silsden, West Yorkshire) and gave size of RV only to be...
  19. Gareth

    Advice on filling the water tank

    We've finally bought our Damon Daybreak and preparing to set off on our European tour and would like hear how you fill up your water tank if you can't hook up to city water - what's the easiest way to fill up? Gareth
  20. Gareth

    Advice for a newbie

    I'm looking to buy an RV next year. I'm looking at ones around 10yrs old such as a georgie boy pursuit or a similar Winnebago. What should I be looking out for when viewing the RV? And is it better to buy from a dealer or a private sale?