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  1. Mark Simpson

    Lyndon Top Rutland

    This is a site we have visited on many many occasions in our euro motorhome. With our move to full timing in our RV and house sale etc, we have not been for around 11 months. Well Monday we decided to make a visit and go cycling and see our old friend Arthur who is one of the nicest guys you...
  2. Mark Simpson

    Habitation Door

    Locked the door last night from the inside, this morning can't open door. Locks seem to unlock put no movement on latch when handle pulled. Managed to escape through drivers door and same problem from the outside. Any suggestions is this common?
  3. Mark Simpson

    Attwood Water Heater

    I know this has been discussed in the past and people have suggested only removing the drain when you have a spare. Well mine was leaking and found the nylon plug had split on the threads. Fitted a standard radiator valve as a replacement, this also makes draining down easier.
  4. Mark Simpson

    1 Year and MOT Tomorrow.

    Well let's hope everything is fine for its first mot since we have owned. Will know by 4pm tomorrow.
  5. Mark Simpson

    RV spotted near Alconbury-Spaldwick

    Out cycling and saw two RV'S on our travels. One parked on a drive and another drove past us. Anyone from RVOC?
  6. Mark Simpson

    Belfield Furnishing

    Well just had our RV recovered by the above after speaking with Regal, Tapers and Caravan plus others. These were the most competitive but we're also difficult to deal with initially. However agreed a price and the results are great. Similar to Regal, offers EHU water etc and overnight stops...
  7. Mark Simpson

    Spring Clean Time

    Our fleet lined up waiting for some attention.
  8. Mark Simpson

    Ship RV to US for 12-18 months

    Has anyone done this and if so what pit falls and typical costs. Like to spend time touring US and Canada in current RV.
  9. Mark Simpson

    Belfield Furnishing

    Just agreed a price and design to get our sofa and dinette recovered in leather with the above. Spoke with various others (Regal, Tappers etc), in the end decided on Belfield and will be using the 2 day stay over option at there sitter with electric and water available. Will post before and...
  10. Mark Simpson

    Thor Ace on M1 around junction 20 at 6.30pm

    Went past a Thor 65 plate as above, anyone off RVOC?
  11. Mark Simpson

    For Sale 32 inch LED HDTV DVD Combo

    Supplied and fitted when we purchased our RV from Freedom in October 2016, replaced with a 40 inch 4K LED TV is the only reason for the sale. Please note will only wall mount has the stand is not with the TV. This is currently £200 in Currys. Specification as provided by Currys online (link...
  12. Mark Simpson

    RV Day and Night Blinds

    Just a quick questions, replaced all our blinds with colour matched made to measure venetian blinds, should I throw always the old blinds or do they sell on EBay?
  13. Mark Simpson

    Onan Petrol Gennie

    Can anyone confirm if these tend to pull from the RV petrol tank from an higher location, so they do not use up all petrol by mistake.
  14. Mark Simpson

    RV Alarm Upgrade

    Our Harvey is now upgraded with two petsafe PIR sensors, one in the lounge and the other in our bedroom at the rear. Now when the ultrasonics are disabled due to the cat in we can still have full movement detection on our Thatcham approved alarm. Piece of mind.
  15. Mark Simpson

    Removed the Border

    Always planned on removing the faded border and added a little modern touch, what do people think?
  16. Mark Simpson

    Comments Welcome

    Just had to get this private plate (never had one before), but based on our surnames being Simpson and my nickname being Simo from a very young age, I thought it was a must.
  17. Mark Simpson

    Winegard Sensar Help

    We have a Winegard Sensar TV aerial can someone please advise if the aerial should run along the direction of the transmitter station like a UK TV aerial or is the Windward used at 90degrees to the station. I hope this makes sense
  18. Mark Simpson

    Virtual Mailbox Company Warning

    The following company offers mail forwarding and virtual office facilities. I thought this would be good for our unimportant post, they offer scanned and emailed or forwarded to an address of your choice. Well my dealings with them have been very difficult, there billing/account secure side of...
  19. Mark Simpson

    RV arrived

    Well Harvey has arrived and sited at his location for the next 28 days (wink wink), long few days fitting extra leisure batteries and solar and he is now feeling like ours.!Aur98EbrvD_rj5ZBHbqqVP4Yo2KSWg Plus some of the extras fitted, along with standard 220ah batteries...
  20. Mark Simpson

    C+E Licence?

    Just need confirmation really, sub 7.5 tonne RV(just) with 3000kg trailer (mobile garage). Looks like C+E required. Currently can drive RV with 750kg trailer on my license, seems a big step for the extra weight.