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  1. pepper386

    Selling RV

    Hi we are selling our RV we are thinking of using a company called Camper Buyer Ltd. has anyone delt with this company? good/bad. Thanks in advance.
  2. pepper386

    Miss Fire

    Just as we headed for the ferry we developed a miss fire, managed to get too twin lakes OK good result on toll charges as we came off the A10 at Mirambeau jun37 all the booths had the closed sign up then we spotted the yellow vests of protesters who waved us through the Hgv lane and took our...
  3. pepper386


    would just like to say thanks to Daren & Martin at Motorhomemedics for the great service you gave us as always
  4. pepper386


    Just got mot done and No observations, so happy now ferrys booked ready to go and find the winter sun
  5. pepper386

    ADAC medical cover

    Got a Email today from Adac telling us that they no longer give cover to anyone who does not live in Germany as off the 1/10/17, now looking for medical insurance, Help
  6. pepper386

    That's another year sorted

    well that's another year sorted MOT done thanks Daren & Martin at Motorhomemedics
  7. pepper386

    New carpets

    hello to you all in RVOC Tonys wife Helen here, I am looking to have the RV recarpeted, dose anyone know of a company that do recarpetting of RV's have you had it done? Is it easier to remove old carpet and put in lamented flooring? Can anyone help me xxxx many thanks Helen x
  8. pepper386

    Twinlakes France

    well we've made it to Twinlakes just had our first day here Helen did well & got us here with out any mishaps, the only problem we enconted was that a lot of the fuel stations had stopped selling Lpg
  9. pepper386

    Kitchen work top

    just had new kitchen work top fitted
  10. pepper386


    Well we are now back at Blacklands Carne Wiltshire, Helen did well took us to Melvin then to Cheltenham for mot now back one site for a bit then off to France for a month
  11. pepper386

    M O T

    Well that's it for another year got the mot done today, thanks Daren & Ross at Motorhomemedics.
  12. pepper386

    Friends in Spain

    Hievery one, Tony's wife here I just wanted to send a huge thank you to all the RV's friends in UK Spain and Portugal who have helped me and tony while he was taken it'll in Spain especially my guardian angels who looked after me and the van for over 20 days in sum my Victoria Gastieze you will...
  13. pepper386


    Just had a new tyre fitted to the spare, all the others Had been changed before I got the RV, this one is an original, RV first registered in 2006, the spare was dated as 2002 looked in good nick but better safe than sorry
  14. pepper386


    well that's it just got her mot, big thanks to Motorhome Medics another fine service from them, again a big thanks to Daren Martin & Ross
  15. pepper386

    Sightseer 30B

    Hi hope someone can help only had it for just under 3 months Drivers map light can't find switch have looked every were, Thanks in anticipation for your help Tony
  16. pepper386

    MMM cartoons

    just set up on a CL in Suffolk & met the partner of the guy who does the cartoons for MMM hope to met him later
  17. pepper386

    Sold Kounty lite rear kitchen fifth wheel

    for sale our fifth wheel, home from home all you would expect from an American fifth wheel including air con double glassed out side bbq safari room and 130 watt solar panel. With or with out Nissan £ 9999 without Nissan. Please email for more photos or questions PB174918 (640x480) by pepper386...
  18. pepper386

    Diesel or Petrol/lpg

    hi thinking of changing to a A class what is best diesel or petrol/ lpg We are looking at max length of 30 ft Any help will be appreciated
  19. pepper386

    Shepton mallet motor home show

    hi all went to this Saturday, a great disappointment got to gate to find they had cut the entrance fee in half, when we got in side we found out why, there was hardly any thing there, when we left the pay kiosk was closed, A waste of money & time not impressed
  20. pepper386

    Twinlakes France improvements

    Work has now started on the new motorhome dump at twinlakes France. Tony is busy with the little Digger so it should be finished in no time at all, the weather is lovely here at twinlakes France too the fish are jumping and the Stella is cold.