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  1. vwalan

    Licence for a class rv

    september 01 was a big change in driving licences . if you had been driving coaches /buses for non paying folk you could have payed 20 quid and had the correct medical then kept your bus licence as grandfather rights . . there was loads of demos and runs to london about is an rv a coach bus...
  2. vwalan

    Sat Nav Died...

    dont need a sat nav. just have loads of fun . drive and look out for signs etc . if you think you cant reverse out then dont go in or along a road.
  3. vwalan

    Beetle Campervan

    used to be quite alot of them around in the 70,s and 80,s load capacity was the problem.
  4. vwalan

    Failed its MOT..Why ?

    bet its probably mot exempt these days
  5. vwalan

    Fleatwood bounder oshkosh chassis 1993 parking brake cable aprox 7.6m long

    have a word with an aa man or a breakdown garage . many carry cale and alsorts of fittings for the ends .
  6. vwalan

    Wax on Wax off, but what Wax?

    i use autosmart image polish, it has a very small cutting action but leaves a great shine.
  7. vwalan

    Forgotten to lower aerial.

    and that can be a pest. even more if you leave food in the fridge or freezer in the house. cant beat powering things in the house off the campers solar and inverter. saves a shilling or two.
  8. vwalan

    Insurance for 5th wheelers and demountables

    yes , camptons . mind if in doubt try camptons .
  9. vwalan

    Change of direction.

    just keep hugging the coast and enjoy the drive . try and keep as close to the sea as you can. i,m sure you will find some amazing places to have a night. then along the spanish coast its really great. have loads of fun and wave at the locals they are friendly along that coastal area . go north...
  10. vwalan

    Mini cornwall trip

    roche rock ,on the roche to bugle road .was lived on by a hermit years ago. plus you could have a look around the clay country hills etc . incredible views on a bright day. . plus blackpool pit as was now a big water storage lake ,was the deepest open mine in uk a few years ago. one of my...
  11. vwalan

    LPG Tax

    i have an acount with calor and if its for cooking /heating its cheaper . but only at calor gas filling depots .
  12. vwalan

    New MOT tests from 20th May

    are you sure about that. old vehicles are mot exempt. and lots newer ones .
  13. vwalan

    Tyres - is this another charge ?

    the eu wasnt till much later in the 90,s . it was eec . uk had no say in it we werent allowed in . we were voted no entry by the rest of the european countries . it was uk that declared war , not the germans . they just walked into european countries . shame uk hadnt monitored what was...
  14. vwalan

    Tyres - is this another charge ?

    yes heath was pm. but all previous gvt had tried . there was really no such thing as the common market . we joined the european economic community that was started in 1957 with the treaty of rome. we couldnt join in the begining because we had the empire . uk govts got rid of it so we could...
  15. vwalan

    Tyres - is this another charge ?

    d does seem like all the govt wanted to join the eec but couldnt untill uk had dispersed its empire /commonwealth. only then could we join . anyway heath didnt take us in to the eu. it was the eec . mind shame we didnt stop them setting it up in 1957 or even stopped germany and france getting...
  16. vwalan

    Tyres - is this another charge ?

    another reason to leave the eu. they like putting tarrifs on anything .
  17. vwalan

    Newbies researching for a fifth wheel

    i drive mine now on a c1+e , used to use my c licence . but some mini artics are 6.5 tonners or 7.5tonners voluntarily lowered to 3500kg then so long as the trailer isnt a real artic trailer (to be artic at least 20%of the loaded trailer weight as to be imposed onto the towing vehicle )wheels on...
  18. vwalan

    Newbies researching for a fifth wheel

    look hard and you may find a lynton trailer thats been converted .they are out there . i say get a nice 6.5 ton or 7.5 ton small truck to pull the trailer . no bigger but very often narrower and shorter than many pickups . mine is a seven seater . has a trainweight of 9.8 ton but these days i...
  19. vwalan

    Newbies researching for a fifth wheel

    i do carry a dax monkey bike in the back of mine for runaround transport. getting my bigger bikes in would be such hard work. also remember if you carry a m,bike in the back the trailer becomes a living van . might help you decide what weight vehicle to pull the 5er with.
  20. vwalan

    Newbies researching for a fifth wheel

    i,m glad i chose a mini artic . only ten meters long and shorter than the starting price on most ferries as a car and caravan. dont have slide outs and dont need them. got lots payload and love it. only had the trailer 18yrs . started life with a vw lt 50 but changed to a mitsubishi canter 11...