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    Chris S-S Birthday

    Happy Birthday from us (here in rainy UK), have a great day on your special day :party::party:
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    should be above the drivers side window or try looking in all your cuboards, the rv builders tend to stick a sheet with all relevent info on , on the inside of a door. What make and model rv have you got
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    End of an era but we are not finished yet

    Your not alone Phil, i also bought a twin axle caravan last year still have the RV but was hoping to get away in van when my sister was here to see to mum over the winter months but wasnt to be as she has only been over for 3 seperate weeks this year. I was hoping to go to some local weekend...
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    Hi and Welcome to the forum, we were all newbies once, any questions just ask as there is probably someone that can give you the answer.
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    thats just accross the road from Daves place if its just off the M54 island, so could of been one of his customers
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    Happy Anniversary to @Ek&Lol

    Happy Anniversary to you both, have a great day whatever you might be doing
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    Windy wet weekend at Onneley

    I think one of them needs to clear some room on their phone, I keep asking the same and shirl said they have tried but not successful, and if memory serves me right Ek & Lol suggested a get together there in the past.
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    Buying in UK, registering in Spain?

    just found this site which will give you a good idea of what is needed
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    Buying in UK, registering in Spain?

    make sure in spain what papers/documents are needed to import/register a vehicle/motorhome, also you will probably need to change your driving licence (both of which you are supposed to do if you and vehicle are in a country over 6months and 1 day) so check what weight of vehicle will be allowed...
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    Hi all

    Hi and Welcome
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    A-Frames V Trailers in EU

    Not going to go there - in Spain it has been written in law for ever and a day, same as not towing a broken down vehicle by another vehicle,long before A Frames became popular with us motorhomers/RVers, and France still run under Napolionic law if it is not written in law its not allowed. In...
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    Sold Toyota + A frame

    can see thumbnails but unless subscriber on fun cannot enlarge them
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    Lpg conversion

    Im sure you will be pleased with the system and work done by Steve & Tony
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    looking at the blurb £150 friday to sunday lunchtime but includes electric, £100 for the unit and elec and £25 per person if booked before may. the pic of the rv does say driver ticket included but lower down says £100 for just rv and elec so slightly confusing
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    windy or what

    at Aberdarren where my daughter sites her tourer the speed was reported to have reached 94mph, so glad the owners of the site are farmers and they bring the vans off in winter and store them round the back of outbuildings in a small field, as the site is on the cliff/hill edge which daughter...
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    Just a thought.

    you mean the actor that played len fairclough? he died in 2002
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    Lpg conversion

    When he has done the work he also registers it with/on the relevent site so your insurance company just has to look it up
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    Lpg conversion

    Thankyou Simsy56 i couldnt remember the name of system he used but your post jolted my memory, and yes he said that the Romano system was more stable and less likely to cause any problems. ( a lot of major things have happened here family wise though) in the last 5 years for me to remember the...
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    Lpg conversion

    it was 5 years ago it was done, i cant remember but I know at the time there were 2 variants that he would use, he also did a full service engine and genny including changing the belts, and re-did some of the graphics for me. He cut the petrol fuel tank down a bit and fitted 2 100ltr tanks...
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    Buying in Spain

    I know there is problems registering right hand drive vehicles in spain, but as long as you can provide the paperwork required for a leftie it shouldnt be a problem. Right hand drive cars became a problem because of the accidents they were involved in especially at junctions and overtaking, one...