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  1. Uncle Tony


    Hilton Autogas. Prins specialists. They gave up looking at our RV because we were too big.
  2. Uncle Tony

    Tempted by this

    Wouldn't touch a Ducato FWD chassis with a VERY long barge pole.
  3. Uncle Tony

    Sold Toyota + A frame

    Very nice. Thanks but no thanks..
  4. Uncle Tony

    Dometic fridge not working (Double post ignore)

    I keep forgetting ....... Now what are we talking about ?
  5. Uncle Tony

    Dometic fridge not working (Double post ignore)

    At the bottom left of my last post, it gives me the option to "Delete"
  6. Uncle Tony

    Sold Toyota + A frame

    Can't see the pictures because you've got them on Fun.
  7. Uncle Tony

    Shipping smaller stuff from the USA

    Shipito have always been excellent for me.
  8. Uncle Tony

    Dont know how to delete post

    Those look very nice.
  9. Uncle Tony

    Egham, Surrey or nearby - suggestions please

    DO NOT try California Chalet and Touring Park. VERY tight.
  10. Uncle Tony


    Autoglym intensive tar remover is brilliant for that sort of stain.
  11. Uncle Tony

    At Bagwell

    Nice photo! Billy no mates!
  12. Uncle Tony

    Good Morning

    You can have my spare spare.
  13. Uncle Tony

    Good Morning

    Which Newport ??
  14. Uncle Tony

    Good Morning

    Good morning. Where is everyone? I had to search to find this thread. At least it didn't freeze last night. Calm and dry this morning.
  15. Uncle Tony

    Well done Ashley, joined the C licence holders

  16. Uncle Tony

    Election who to vote for

  17. Uncle Tony

    110v Electric Blanket

    Our 110v blanket is much better than the new 240v one we have bought for the bungalow. But it was never quite right on the generator which is strange.
  18. Uncle Tony

    Good Morning

    I find myself in exalted RVOC company - paul&debra, stunette and MikeyRV. Good morning Gentlemen from a calm and less damp Bungalow Heaven in Wem. Becoming used to this bricks and mortar stuff. Mind you - I drilled a hole in one of the outer bricks and it was like fudge - I could have...
  19. Uncle Tony

    First Merry Christmas

    If you go to your personal details section, you should be able to find a section where you can edit your signature.
  20. Uncle Tony

    Would you if you could?

    Hi Steve. Great to hear from you. What is on the front of the trailer, please? ATB. Tony.