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  1. jenmelmar

    Buying in UK, registering in Spain?

    Advice please :) If we buy a motorhome in England, could we have it registered in Spain? Or would it be registered in UK and then we would have to change it once we get to Spain?
  2. jenmelmar

    Campsite near Santander

    Could anyone please suggest a campsite near the Santander ferry that takes RV's?
  3. jenmelmar

    Sold FOR SALE 2011 Monaco Riptide 30pBS £47,000 AVAILABLE MAY 2020 UK or in Spain anytime before May

    2011 Monaco Riptide 30pBS £47,000 AVAILABLE MAY 2020 UK Or available anytime in Spain Currently 30,000 miles 6.8Ltr V10 Petrol Engine LPG converted Habitation LPG separate tank Large Solar Panel on roof Global Telemetrics Tracker 4G Roof Ariel Oyster auto Satellite dish in dome...
  4. jenmelmar

    Buying in Spain

    As we will be living in Spain from next year, we are thinking it may be easier to buy a motorhome in Spain, to save having to return to the UK for the MOT at a set time. We need to sell our RV first, or see if it can be taken in part exchange but has anyone bought a motorhome in Spain and has...
  5. jenmelmar

    Dealers who will do part X with an RV

    Hello and another question: Do any of you know any dealers who would take an RV in part X for a motorhome? We realise we would have to upgrade to make it worth their while-but we have contacted 3 dealers and none of them take RV's in part X-whatever the price you will go up to. Any ideas, please? :)
  6. jenmelmar

    Temporary Storage for RV in Spain

    Does anyone know of a campsite near Estapona that will store an RV for about 6 weeks? It would not be empty so it needs to be a secure place. I have looked online but haven't found one yet as most of them are long term storage sites. There is a site at Pinoso where we could leave it-but that is...
  7. jenmelmar

    Storage for RV

    Can anyone recommend a good storage place for an RV in the Bristol/Wales area please?
  8. jenmelmar

    MOT Spain?

    We bought our RV from Empire RV's in Radstock, Bath, and had a full MOT. It is due for the next MOT in May 2020. Do we have to return to UK to get the MOT or is a registered Spanish garage able to do it ? please advise.
  9. jenmelmar

    LPG in Spain

    Hello We are very new RV owners (Monico Riptide 33'). and the first trip we have every made in any sort of 'motor home'. We enjoyed travelling through France with LPG available at most of the big service stations. Now in mid Spain, we are disappointed that we have to go off the big roads and...
  10. jenmelmar

    RV friendly sites ?

    Hello and hope this is the right place to ask a question. I am new to motorhoming-we sold our house and bought an RV a few months ago with the idea of traveling through Europe. We are traveling down through France and soon to be in Spain. I have had some help from Motorhome Fun site, which has...