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  1. Pedro1122

    Portsmouth stop over site

    Hi, does anybody have a suggestion for a stop over site near Portsmouth prior to ferry to Spain?
  2. Pedro1122


    If anyone has a spare tenner motorhome fun has a syndicate running tonight only!
  3. Pedro1122

    Travellers cheques or card?

    Planning a trip to Spain and France in March, does anybody use travellers cheques? or just plastic?
  4. Pedro1122

    Euro tags for RV

    I had a conversation with Harbour Shipping who supply the tags (there are two) bi-modal and tri-box. I quote: 'With reference to our conversation earlier this afternoon, we offer a couple of systems, but we believe the one most suited to you would be the Bi-Modal system. France Spain and...
  5. Pedro1122

    Just a quickie! What network do you use when abroad?

    I have heard Vodaphone is best for speed and amount of data? Also if it's unlimited data how can it be capped to 20g or 30g per month when away?
  6. Pedro1122

    Ferry site

    Hi all, I have looked at various sites to book ferry to Spain from Portsmouth or Plymouth but the maximum length say 9m is it better to call or is it a commercial booking site needed?
  7. Pedro1122

    New Forest RV site?

    Anybody got a suggestion for an open year round site in the New Forest for a 33 foot (10 M) RV? CAMC have zero! On another minor point now we have upgraded to big boy toys is CAMC worth it?
  8. Pedro1122

    RV Ride Comfort

    I'm currently thinking of buying a 33ft Four Winds WindSport A class and wondering what the difference is in ride is between an AutoTrail Comanche and the RV ? Any experience in this would be appreciated.
  9. Pedro1122

    Just joined.....from the Dark side. Motorhome fun!

    I have a Comanche tag axle, but seriously considering a van at Signature, Four Winds 32A Only possible downside I can see it's a Thor! Have they changed? Got better? Any comments welcomed.