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  1. car1966

    Tony and the bosses travels

    Well set off this morning from Lincoln at 12 45 am had better than expected run down to the tunnel 6 50 am departure was there at 5am(y). Drives on to train after 15 minute kip fress as a daisy:), 180miles to stop over in a nice airy in, St Andre de l'eur, I would have taken photos in the town...
  2. car1966

    Travel insurance i no its a dirty word but.

    Hi just been quoted £ 300.00 squids for 90 days, Chris had a bit of a heart problem 10 years ago nothing serious prescribe a aspirin a day as a precaution, Not bin a problem before but they wanted to charge £264.squids on top of the £ 208.squids through c c culb but that was 180 days so...
  3. car1966

    Wifi booster

    Hi any one got any information on wifi booster to receive signals from on site wifi Allways use a dongle so just wondering if any benefit from using 1 Thanks in advance
  4. car1966

    L P G

    Just seen this advert on E/bay but please do your homework as i dont no anything about them but someone on here may Item number 254328213130
  5. car1966

    Cheap Tyres

    Got chance off some cheap tyres what do you think
  6. car1966

    Great Air Museum

    Went to East Fortune air museum today, we went about 10 year,s ago and what a difference National Museum of Flight Scotland , the only near complete world war air field its now got heritage status took a few photos post what i can
  7. car1966

    Suicide seat is this the answer

    Is this conversion the way to go would this be the answer
  8. car1966

    East Fortune Station Park nr North Berwick

    This thread is for the general discussion of the campsite East Fortune Station Park nr North Berwick. Please add to the discussion here.
  9. car1966

    Is this good luck or just sh.t

    Well i started buffing up the front of the 5er ready for a bit of a run up north just geting a nice shine on it and then this happens
  10. car1966

    If any one is interested in old fords

    As some of you know i have a mk 1 Cortina Estate Deluxe :rofl: Well it probably was back then, well i been reading my mk1 cortina magazine and a few interesting facts,
  11. car1966

    Well done Liverpool

    Well done liverpool 4 0
  12. car1966


    Think i may go and ring them tomorrow and buy this as i can drive it on a car licence :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: e bay item nr173873290664 sorry no idea how to add link:nerd::nerd:
  13. car1966

    Fleetwood flair pusher any information

    Hi just seen this does anyone no anything about this as it seem a bargain but could be a money pit evil bay 283335180438 Thank you
  14. car1966


    Just went out to watch the procession from conil to El Colorado they set off from the church at 830am and it was about 1pm when we saw them and they were having a great time
  15. car1966

    Furnace stops after ten minutes

    Hi just thought i post this our furnace on the 5er runs for 10 minutes and then stops. So out came the tools and i remove the furnace to check air flow. Well it wasn't a shock as i had guess something was blocking it but what i found was the ducting had collapsed bad design cheap and badly put...
  16. car1966

    Ready To Go

    Well I took 5er to Duncan to fix the furnace sorted not only fix it but a learning curve thank you Duncan starspangelspanner . So here we go I thought, But would you believe it I got nothing to wear the boss said, s:.t:swear::swear: I thought 3 full wardrobes full:banghead::banghead: and...
  17. car1966

    Happy Birthday Gordon Feetwood Hilton

    Happy Birthday hope you have a good one from us two down in Lincolnshire :party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party:
  18. car1966

    RV on e/bay

    Hi does any one know this RV item no 192686838082 Sorry don't no how to post a link
  19. car1966

    6.5 diesel Damon

    Silly question damon challenger is the diesel noisy and how economically just thinking :wasntme::wasntme:
  20. car1966

    Big Big Can of Worms

    Well it all started with i will sort the grill out new thermal sensor order. Then i had a thought :shake: If we get some caravan bord of a lighter colour instead of the dark brown it will make it lighter in hear OK says the boss so order 5 sheets arrive next day . Good say I will make a start...