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  1. Daybreaker

    Blooming parking blooming parking brake

    Yup have to order a new one as mine got hot and went oval. Recently replaced both switches too so it decided to be sneaky and come on gently so I wouldn’t notice. £1400 for parts including super duper modified extra strong last a million operations Parking switches and relay. Delivery by fedex...
  2. Daybreaker

    Wide loads

    Left Weymouth in car for Somerset on a37 met 3 extra wide loads at narrowist part bridge where road has collapsed. People were struggling glad we weren’t in Rv. Why isn’t there a web site that notifies the public?
  3. Daybreaker

    by event

    We’ve just totted up our trips out and discovered the next one we are off on tomorrow is our 300th trip. Since we got Daisy in 2010. We is spending Xmas and new year in the Derbyshire dales.... :)(y)
  4. Daybreaker


    Last time we left Ludlow site we turned left on a49 And got stopped and detoured by police bad accident. Yes you’ll be ok on this nasty little side rd. Liars...narrow lane that turned into a low bridge after ten dodgy miles. Escaped via farm tracks no passing places. What a coincidence left...
  5. Daybreaker


    Staff have gone all out raising money for charity with lights. This pic doesn’t do them justice as couldn’t get them all in.
  6. Daybreaker

    Let there be lights

    Travelling to Ludlow yesterday turned on lights as getting dark. Hello one side marker lights not working . Pulls in and tests all...toad is flashing side lights with indicators. Disconnect toad no rear flashers or tail lights. Now spending time away looking for bad earths and faulty power...
  7. Daybreaker

    Rv there yet?

    Well nearly.,...Left Weymouth and wondered why bus was stiff to move out of parking place. No warning lights. A few Revs and off she went ok. 50 miles later noticed parking brake light was on as I saw it it went out then a few miles later came on then faded to nothing. Ho hum stopped at Bristol...
  8. Daybreaker

    Oyster probs

    Would not lock on went round and round . Anthony to the rescue. After a few checks he diagnosed lnb arm may be stuck. Yup . Used my was broom fully extended it stuck a few inche
  9. Daybreaker

    Where am i

    What flag am I flying it’s not British... have we been invaded and taken over?
  10. Daybreaker

    Tewksbury abbey camp site

    Heard a rumour at another campsite that this site is closing? Any truth in it
  11. Daybreaker

    Broken door lock

    Unable to lock door as lock broke. USA make not available here say local lock shops. Duncan to the rescue again he has the exact same lock and the correct size in my hand the next day. Job done. Another reason to support Duncan
  12. Daybreaker


    Who feels guilty on a camp site if it’s cold leaving an electric heater on all night? I leave a small oil rad on medium heat in the bathroom. Thinking about a 2 kw on low at night in lounge when it’s freezing outside.
  13. Daybreaker

    Extend a stay

    Do uk campsites allow the use of a Lpg bottles outside their Rvs with extend a stay?
  14. Daybreaker


    Had new awnings delivered from carefree of Colorado. Unpacking for fitting Adi4 noticed bad scratches to both spring assemblies. Emailed Pam at Carefree and within a day email saying replacements on their way no quibble post paid. Great service or what
  15. Daybreaker


    A heads up for all who use Lpg petrol. We are in Sunny Devon on the way we called into Exeter services for petrol and lpg which we’ve used before. They have put height barriers of 11 ft up before the pumps:mad::mad::mad:
  16. Daybreaker


    Always thought my brakes weren’t up to par as you know I had recent brake problems front brake seized at only 6 years old. Adi4 sorted that one now found I’ve been stuffed again, one rear brake calliper supposed to have been replaced and disc skimmed WASNT by a dealer we all know off ...other...
  17. Daybreaker

    Super shirt

  18. Daybreaker

    Rutland water

    Who’s up for a meet at Rutland water. No need to organise just turn up and relax? Soon before it gets wet an soggy :D Only £12 a day can use gennie and dump grey in hedge or shhhh water no probs as taps all over. Easy black dumps two off. Towns nearbye we can share toads to get supplies...
  19. Daybreaker


    Having gearbox repaired Adi4 spotted this shining example of poor workmanship
  20. Daybreaker


    Hi do you remember I had brake problems last trip out. Adi4 have found the problem. All caused by rust seizing the 6 year old pistons.