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  1. Graceloc

    Few upgrades

    Been a while since I posted anything up,made a few improvements,new wheel trims, touch button switches, changed black and white cameras for colour,led reversing lights up each side,foward facing camera,compressor fitted for train horn,now DW wants to change for a 40’ she spied in the states.
  2. Graceloc

    Sites near st tropez

    Going to France in the summer and I’m having difficulty getting a site to suit my 36ft......... can anyone recommend somewhere
  3. Graceloc

    Jack legs

    Hi there I’m having problems with my jack legs , when I’m on un even ground and put blocks on the lower side, as soon the jacks hit the blocks they won’t go down any further, dosnt matter if I do it in auto or manual, yet when I’m on level ground the jacks fully extend no problem, the pics...
  4. Graceloc

    Longleat caravan park

    Hi there We were thinking of going here in the summer with our 36ft RV, has anyone ever stayed and will they accept this length?
  5. Graceloc

    More lights

  6. Graceloc

    Captains chairs

    Put in a new 3 seater recliner so decided to get the captains seats recovered to match