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  1. dentaldave

    Seen in the USA

    Good evening from North Carolina. We are staying in a rental house in Hatteras with America friends. Just a hundred yards from us is a gas 8 wheeler Dolphin
  2. dentaldave

    American Coach for sale

    Good morning everyone. Jenny and I have decided that we are going to sell the coach after two years of ownership. We, in a way, are sad to do this but there were lots of reasons and when we balanced up the pros and cons we have put it up for sale through Empire RV. We failed to use it as much as...
  3. dentaldave

    ABP Accessories cease trading

    Thought I would order some more self levelling roof sealant and as Paul Rees is relatively close to us we often order from them. Their website has been replaced by a page informing of their actions , intentions and gratitude to their customers over the years I am sure we all wish them well in...
  4. dentaldave

    Upton Blues 2019

    Just had a post from the organisers Thursday July 18th until Monday 22nd july Who is up for this? :think:
  5. dentaldave

    From Blair Atholl to Springbank Farm Seahouses

    As the weather seemed to be taking a turn for the worst we decided to evacuate whilst the going was good. Had a good time in Scotland,plenty of long walks, fabulous views. Drove up to Aviemore and visit led the reindeer park. Today it p——-ed it down most of the trip to near Seahouses just south...
  6. dentaldave

    Multiplex issue

    So I get up today for birthday celebrations and I noticed that the switch panel which are all multiplex coupled to power most of the 12 volt systems not working. Pressed them a few times and everything came back online. A little while later off the lights go! In the multiplex locker the fuse was...
  7. dentaldave

    Border forest Otterburn

    Looking like we might move on to another site. Has anyone been to Otterburn site at all? I know the pitches are all hard standing but does anyone know if they have fully serviced pitches as well?
  8. dentaldave

    Blair Atholl

    Arrived last night when it was getting dark. We did it from Stamford in one day stopping at Abington for fuel and lpg. As was posted the lpg is very accessible on the right side of the car fuel forecourt. The canopy is 4.5 metres clearance. Lost the other rear hubcap en route so I’m going to...
  9. dentaldave

    LPG accessible stations on way up North!

    Just to mention it again ! I want to top off my LPG on the way up to Blair Atholl Caravan Park in a couple of weeks. We are towing our truck but to be honest it makes no difference to turning! We have a choice of 8 service stations Shell Newark,Retford, Barnsdale Bar North, High Borough Moor...
  10. dentaldave

    Reward for tidying shed ready for winter

    We have been meaning to get to tidying our shed for a year. Well today we finally did it. The best thing was the reward a double . May yet have more . Glasses match colour of the brand:D
  11. dentaldave

    Electrical questions

    Jason Kennedy has wired me a circuit to charge our toad from our RV as we go . We need this as the vacuum pump that is in the Demco unit to operate the brakes will run off the toad battery that is fitted to the toad. I need to source two ,two pin plugs to go on the interconnecting lead, an...
  12. dentaldave

    A bit of weekend improvement

    We noticed that a lot of the up to date large rv’s have an electric fire within a fireplace surround. At home a fire tends to be a focal point so Jenny wanted one in our RV. She who must be obeyed! The only problem was that it cannot be permanently wall mounted due to space and slides. The...
  13. dentaldave

    Best route to Blair Atholl

    I’m sure I’ve said somewhere that we are spending two weeks exploring this part of Scotland mid October staying permanently in the one spot but using our toad truck. We are near to Stamford. Do you experienced travellers go up the A1 route or the M6 route? I seem to remember the A1 eventually is...
  14. dentaldave

    No sun in Sussex at the Conscierge

    Hopefully this rain will pass through if Carol Kirkwood is correct A lovely site although approach road is a little narrow. Manager very pleasant and accommodating as although we booked for five nights he had us for four! They even have a bar but mine sells more cheaply
  15. dentaldave

    Thanks to Cassi and Adi

    We left our AC with them in Weymouth for some well deserved service and tlc An excellent job was done. They are lovely people and sorted out our Coach to a very high standard. All the various filters that were changed are dated. I am delighted. I’ve lost a rear hub cap today! Reward for...
  16. dentaldave

    Hind head tunnel on A3

    We will be using this tunnel on our return journey home in August. It’s height is given as just over 5 metres but I see from a picture that it has a semicircular roof. We are 4 metres. Has anybody been through this to see where this measurement is from as I don’t want to damage anything whilst...
  17. dentaldave

    Caravan and motor home club diesel offer

    In the latest magazine I note an offer at Shell garages of a saving of 8p per litre of diesel at their motorway filling stations. A card per vehicle costs £3 per annum. As we all know it appears all these motorway stations charge a premium on what we can buy fuel locally when off these motorways...
  18. dentaldave

    Red rear triangles

    Hi to all I am after some red rear towing triangles to my truck which goes on my a frame. I’m after triangles which have a magnetic base as they will go on the steel drop down tail gate. I’ve been trawling the Internet but no luck so far.Can anyone assist?
  19. dentaldave

    Who from RVOC

    Who is going to the Upton Blues Festival next Thursday? We are not joining Wombles with Funster as they are setting up in a different field and no easy access to water plus we have some dental friends joining us Friday evening . Karen did give us the option of teaming up with them but with our...
  20. dentaldave

    RV ‘s at Malvern

    friend of mine is at Malvern today. Apparently a lot of RV ‘s are there. There is also sexfest which is something to do with swingers. Of course none of us do that kind of thing???