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  1. johnpengers

    A word of warning.

    Please don't do what I did yesterday ! I have the snooper tyre valves fitted to the Rv and noticed that one was not registering so I decided to change the battery.No problem there you might think and I decided to take the sensor off and take it in doors to do as it was bloody freezing(y).I...
  2. johnpengers

    Happy Bunny Today.

    Just been to pick up the Rv from Empire this afternoon.I had an air leak on the leveling system and the mechanics Jason and Nigel were that thorough they found two more !!!!!! of them on the bloody air horns:mad:. Anyway after sending to Tiffin in America for a new valve thingy all...
  3. johnpengers

    led lighting

    After turning one of the cupboards into a drinks cabinet it looked a bit bland when the lighting was on so decided to give it a bit of colour From this. To this. Thought I'd bling up the front tv too ! For next to no money you can create all sorts of mood lighting but in my case enough...
  4. johnpengers


    Once again a big thank you to Adi. Mot and small service on my Breeze at a brilliant price(y) Also great to meet Dave of Ruff Nomads fame who is also having work done by Adi. Great to see Cassie looking so well too(y). Cheers mate;)
  5. johnpengers

    Sold Safari room thingy.

    Approx 18' x 8' safari omnistar awning/room. I got it with the Concorde Liner but never bothered to put it up.Instructions included with all the poles etc,Side panels and front panels in great condition, A few marks on the front panels but no rips or tears and the windows are spot on(y) They are...
  6. johnpengers

    Help Please.

    Morning all. I recently ordered a single Hadley air horn......Trumpet type 37'' long so should get a really deep tone. What I'm struggling with is locating an M12 to 6mm coupling ECE spec. To be fair I knew the horn didn't come with the fitting but didn't realise how difficult they are to find...
  7. johnpengers

    Hadley Air Horn.

    One for you big boys.....I've spotted a 37'' hadley air horn on ebay and I'm thinking what a lovely deep note something that long would have(y). I've already got air horns fitted i.e. twin trumpets wired directly to the steering wheel horn push. My question is ....Can I just "re pipe" the new...
  8. johnpengers

    Abm Automotive.

    A big thank you to Adi for doing a brilliant job of undersealing my coach,I picked her up this morning in Weymouth together with the most reasonable bill in the world !!!!(y). I even queried the amount as I didn't think it was enough Honest !! Many Thanks Adi........You're a diamond...
  9. johnpengers

    Motorhome Medics.

    Ordered a waste fitting about this time yesterday and it's just dropped through the letter box !!(y) Great service Darren and Martin. Many Thanks.(y)
  10. johnpengers


    Friends of ours swear by the Snooper 188 TPMS. Thinking of going the same way.(y) Any thoughts or experiences with this particular make ?
  11. johnpengers

    Broadway CC Site.

    Just returned from having a lovely time at Broadway CC site,Wardens were lovely and very helpful.Walking distance into Broadway itself and right opposite the site is a steam railway with rides to Cheltenham etc(y). Monday is Pizza night in the car park and very nice they were too ! One concern...
  12. johnpengers

    Great Service !

    On Sunday I tried to start the RV after leaving her unplugged for two days,Nothing !!!!!:(.Tried the aux start....again nothing:(.Out comes the battery charger and a couple hours later enough juice to get her started(y).Unfortunately the dreaded bad egg smell from the battery box:(. On monday...
  13. johnpengers

    Just a Thought.

    Evening all. Has anybody got a JVC KD-A315 radio/cd player fitted to any of their vehicles.I have one in the RV but it's the only instruction manual missing:cry:.It looks a serious bit of kit but pushing buttons at random doesn't quite cut it !;).I've tried to download one off the internet...
  14. johnpengers

    At Last !

    We collected our Rv this morning after nearly a fortnight in the body shop.....Nothing serious,just bits and pieces and of course the obligatory stripes on the twin slide outs(y).Popped into Empire for a viewing and pick up some of James new Empire state building decals(y). Just thought I'd put...
  15. johnpengers

    Coffee wasn't bad today.

    Popped into Empire today to have a chat with James. Not only did he find the time to make coffee(which wasn't bad !!!;))he also showed me around two of the Fleetwood range he has there. Never been lover of Fleetwood(sorry Mr Destination;))but I have now changed my tune.....Lovely paint job on...
  16. johnpengers

    Breakdown Cover.

    Just a simple question folks. What breakdown cover do you have ? The reason being is.....We have tried twice to get through to the RAC customer service dept for a poxy general enquiry and both times we have given up after being on hold for fifty five minutes on each call !!!:mad: Not only are we...
  17. johnpengers

    All these new Rvs !

    Hopefully when all our members (me included!!!!:rock:)pick up their new toys there'll be loads of photographs posted !!(y). I must admit I love pikkies on here !!!!!!! I think it was Mikey Rv who posted a "virtual rally"thread inviting us to put pictures of our Rvs on there.Lots did and for me...
  18. johnpengers

    Rubber Roofs.

    Not having had much to do with a rubber roof in the past,Can I ask how and what do you use to keep it in good condition. I've seen the rubber roof cleaners and conditioners on e bay etc but just wondered what people use. My idea is to get as clean as I can then keep that way !!!!(y)
  19. johnpengers

    A Big Thankyou.

    Thanks to Adi&Cassie for doing brilliant job on my motorhome for a brilliant price too(y) I'll be in touch soon Adi regarding the gennie !! Once again.....Many Thanks. John P.(y)
  20. johnpengers

    Air Horns.

    Evening all. Have any of you lads with the big diesel pushers that have full air suspension fitted air horns to the system. I fitted air horns to my National but fitted a "stand alone" air compressor as she had no air. I don't want to fit the chrome trumpets on the roof but want the deep...