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  1. shovelheadrob


    As long as you don't have lpg for fuel, it's tight but you will fit.
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    Rv there yet?

    So something stuck on rather than fell off! Happy Christmas Bill!
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    Chinese diesel heater update

    Take 'em down your local Chinese takeaway for translation. Or find the instructions online for Eberspacher, can't be much different?
  4. shovelheadrob

    Chinese diesel heater update

    Wow that was quick, you'll have that done soon then....
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    Tyres and toilet

    Up until 2 years ago 5 of the tyres on my dually were the ones it left the manufacturer with, date coded 10/99, so nearly 18 years old, I'd changed 2 due to cracks, which were the inner rears surprisingly as they don't see the sun like the rest. .. I only changed them eventually as they were...
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    For Sale Cheap rv for sale nice project or spares

    That was about 6 months ago. ......
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    Kärcher WV2 Premium window cleaner!

    We've been using one for a couple of years, but always buff with a microfiber cloth after vacuuming.
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    Chinese diesel heater update

    Keep us informed of how it goes, biggest problem for me will be where to put the tank so it's easy to fill..... That & finishing a few other projects! We'll have to have a good catch up next year.
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    Chinese diesel heater update

    Are you going to replace the furnace Paul? Or running this alongside it?
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    Chinese diesel heater update

    That's because you don't use it enough Paul lol! Ours takes a few goes to light when it's been left idle for too long. Hope you & Cathy have a great Christmas, catch up with you next year.
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    Chinese diesel heater update

    My furnace & ducting are quite accessible, under the steps to the bedroom & accessed from the pass through locker beneath, the ducting is 4 inch, I'd think that a "Y" piece with a changeover flap would be needed to prevent the heat back flowing through the furnace? Where does the diesel heater...
  12. shovelheadrob

    Chinese diesel heater update

    Even at white diesel prices that's cheaper than gas heating. We're heading off for our Christmas holidays next week, but I will definitely be putting this on the upgrades list. Thanks
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    Chinese diesel heater update

    I've thought about doing similar, but that's as far as I got, my primary concern was how large would the fuel tank need to be, sounds like a 20-30 litre tank would suffice. We're you thinking of substituting the furnace or keeping your options open?
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    Help with Woodburner Glass

    Oh the irony. ..
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    Help with Woodburner Glass

    The last few days have been spent doing various courses for work stuff, lots of health & safety stuff, risk assessments, method statements etc etc. You think "how does anyone get into these situations?" Fortunately the Health and safety act only applies to work places. BTW, I thought that the...
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    Help with Woodburner Glass

    As above, you can get scrapers that take razor blades or Stanley knife blades, they will remove most things, or at least most of it, then deal with the residue, those "magic" sponges are pretty good.
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    Install rv cover

    You could probably do it on your own in ideal conditions, but 2 makes it much easier. I haven't fitted one myself BTW, but I did fit a new awning canopy on my own (2 people recommended) I wouldn't do it again without some help!
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    Midsummer Motorhome Show

    Midsummer? Isn't that where people keep getting murdered?
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    Why do people advertise when not ready

    Some (not all) dealers can be as bad. As a seller, you can't win, personally I describe things warts & all, but you know that some people will think "if that's what he's telling me, what else is wrong with it?" It does annoy me though to ask questions before viewing to find that a seller's...
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    Fifth Wheel Charging.

    You'll be surprised at what the CO & LPG detectors use in the way of power, I used to be able to leave the 5'er plugged in at the previous storage place (my work lol!) but now it just sits in a yard, the batteries drop around 0.15v per week with everything turned off (apart from the CO & LPG...