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  1. RV Neal

    Tyres and toilet

    On my Rockwood, which I owned from 2001 to 2014, the rear duals were the ones fitted by the chassis manufacturer, Chevrolet. The motorhome was registered in the UK as a 1995 model and so, it's just possible that the chassis was made in 1993!! :eek: The treads were fine but I started to get...
  2. RV Neal

    A frame

    I bought a one-previous-owner Fiat Panda that was fitted with a Towbars-2-towcars system. I have had no problems with it and it has been a good choice.
  3. RV Neal

    First Merry Christmas

    And a very Merry Christmas to all our RV-ing friends
  4. Leaving Picture.jpg

    Leaving Picture.jpg

    My leaving do after 38 years with Post Office Engineering (Royal Mail)
  5. RV Neal

    Trying to find a place in Brugge to put down for a couple of nights

    Camping Memling have a (relatively) new facilities block now in full use. It's a very quiet site nestled in amongst houses and it has a dump point. The largest pitches seem to be on the right hand side just inside the entrance barrier.
  6. RV Neal

    Big Bargain for someone maybe ??

    Looks quite impressive, if a little on the large side?
  7. RV Neal

    Trying to find a place in Brugge to put down for a couple of nights

    We stayed at Camping Memling when we visited Brugges this year. A short bus ride into the city. It can accommodate a few larger RVs but I don't know if it's open this time of year?
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    Lexi "somewhere in Europe (can't remember where!)
  9. IMG_20191010_181917.jpg


    Enjoying the evening sun, lakeside camping at Peschiera del Garda, Italy
  10. RV Neal

    Install rv cover

    I have one to fit a 28-30 ft B-Class complete with a storage bag. FREE to a good home, you just have to collect it from Maidstone, Kent
  11. RV Neal

    Ludlow touring park

    Don't like to be picky but the pic shows a traction engine, not a steam roller! :rolleyes: I really don't mean to be pedantic but Fred Dibner would not have ley this pass. ;););)
  12. RV Neal

    RV Ride Comfort

    Typo I guess? 2.8 litre should read 6.8 litre?
  13. RV Neal

    Midsummer Motorhome Show

    That's a good sign, let us in mate! ;););) I rallied with ARV this year and they were a friendly bunch but, surprisingly, quite a lot of Euroboxes were with them. I guess it's RV-ers who have downsized?
  14. RV Neal

    Midsummer Motorhome Show

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if RVOC is going to have a presence at the 2020 Midsummer Motorhome Show at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth please? I elected to rally with the club at this year's show but got a phone call from Warner's telling me that RVOC are not rallying this year.
  15. RV Neal

    Well you were all too late

    That's the idea of a Monster Truck, you don't go round the roundabouts, you go through them! ;)
  16. RV Neal

    RV Covers Experiences

    I have a cover for a 28 - 30 ft B-class which I don't use. I try to use the RV all year round but, if I don't succeed, I have solar panels on the roof and so will not cover it. It's free to anyone who can collect it from Maidstone, Kent
  17. RV Neal

    RV Ride Comfort

    Blimey, now that's fantasy figures. If I could manage just 20mpg I'd be on Cloud Number 9. My E450 is the 325bhp and it's serviced every year. I guess I've got to get down Weymouth way and let Adi breath over it.
  18. RV Neal

    RV Ride Comfort

    Well done. You'll soon get used to the size and, when you're mixing it with the real Big Boys, you'll see how small it is really. It's all relative, doncha know!
  19. RV Neal

    RV Ride Comfort

    We did some "hands-on" research prior to downsizing. Although I'd had just Yanks since 1987 I didn't rule out a Euro-box. We looked at a couple of dozen Euro-boxes at the Kenilworth show and decided noo, they're not for me. Too flimsy, too small, entrance door too narrow, too expensive(!), but...
  20. RV Neal

    RV Ride Comfort

    That ain't making me feel any better!:envy::envy:. My Holiday Rambler was only managing around 9mpg and I currently rejoice if I manage 13mpg. I was expecting to make 18mpg with this RV but, no. I do run fully loaded but I cruise at around 90kph. :(:(