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  1. Daybreaker

    Just joined.....from the Dark side. Motorhome fun!

    Ask Adi or Rick
  2. Daybreaker

    Tyres and toilet

    Don’t get mixed up and use yours tyres as a toilet. Believe me it don’t work, I should know. The tyre valve is especially dangerous
  3. Daybreaker

    Insurance omg

    NFU huh you know what I think of them
  4. Daybreaker

    Would you if you could?

  5. Daybreaker

    Tyres and toilet

    Morrison’s savers loo paper disintegrates brilliantly but not like treats which melt in your mouth and not in your hand. :worried::sick:
  6. Daybreaker

    Licence for a class rv

    3 lanes on Wimbledon common??? Oh yes cycle lane, joggers lane, and got to do that weird walk to avoid dog poop lane
  7. Daybreaker

    Hello.......Just joined group.

    Rubbish euroboxes are no comparison. ;)
  8. Daybreaker

    Brand vs Supermarket Petrol

    Wrong! It was the Lpg tank.
  9. Daybreaker

    Hello.......Just joined group.

    Lol lol
  10. Daybreaker

    Hello.......Just joined group.

    Get petrol with Lpg.,. So cheap to run ok not as smooth to run as diesel but the same inside once parked. Plus the world will soon ban diesel
  11. Daybreaker

    Brand vs Supermarket Petrol

    Steve Dunn of mobile Rv said use yer petrol every time yo go out for at least 20 miles... keeps the petrol system sweet. I agree
  12. Daybreaker

    Jayco 5th wheel recalls

    Huh is that all? Try owning a Damon daybroken
  13. Daybreaker

    Brand new

    A Pam??
  14. Daybreaker

    Driving in Portugal - Honestly!!

    We is too scared to venture abroad. We’d end up in prison for littering I don’t like electrodes on my genitals it gives me a rash oh boogah you didn’t read that ok errr ohh where is the delete button?;)
  15. Daybreaker

    Driving in Portugal - Honestly!!

    Oh and thanks for the post most helpful.
  16. Daybreaker

    Driving in Portugal - Honestly!!

    Think I’d use the auto number plate thingy... seems easiest. Unless my number plate falls orft:eek:
  17. Daybreaker

    Just landed orcaber farm what a find

    Often wonder why for pay lecky when most of us have solar and 12 volt equipment . I’ve got one panel and 2 batteries but can last several days if suns out. Only nee ehu for microwave and then for a few moments oven is gas so can fridge be if disconnected or am I missing something... don’t answer...
  18. Daybreaker

    Brand new

    Hi to you two from us two too. There got all the 2s in :D
  19. Daybreaker

    happy birthday shirl (landy lover)

    Appy barfday day Shirl love from us two xxx
  20. Daybreaker

    Wild Camping

    Did you intents to say that Paul ;)