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  1. Emoria

    1989 FORETRAVEL GRAND VILLA, now up for sale, what are the best websites or places to advertise?

    Hi Guys Many of you have been very helpful in the past, when we first got our home on wheels and the following months when we were working on her....THANK YOU. Now i'm back again as sadly we have finished our adventures. We have lived 'on the road' for three fabulous years, we travelled 13...
  2. Emoria

    RV mechanic in the UK, Surrey/Hampshire

    Hi We need a couple of jobs done the next few weeks before our RV (Foretravel Unihome Grand Villa) goes into the garage for service and MOT. Can anyone recommend anyone in the above area please? Thanks in advance Emma
  3. Emoria

    Good leather upholstery cleaner!

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good cleaner to throughly clean leather chairs and sofas that actually works. Tried a couple of supermarket cleaning foams and they have done nothing. ~need to clean ground in dirt in the creases of leather. :) thanks in advance!
  4. Emoria

    Hello from a newbie soon to be flutter with a Foretravel RV

    Hi RV'ers I have so many questions....where to start! Probably not the best way of doing things (suggestions welcome) but if I list what I need help with perhaps you wonderful people can point me the right direction and impart your knowledge. We live in Surrey and have just purchased a...