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  1. ek&lol

    Happy Birthday Deb - Paul&Debra

    happy birthday deb from us two
  2. ek&lol

    Time for an upgrade?

    he was skint ha ha
  3. ek&lol

    Happy birthday Ek.

    Thanks everyone been a good day :):party:
  4. ek&lol

    Looking to RV full time (Motorhome VIRGIN)

    wow glad you didn't come look at mine must be nice to have a perfect rv jase.
  5. ek&lol

    My life just went up in smoke

    Such a shock when hearing this today you see it happening in America but rarely here. glad you're all ok . there's our rv here for a few weeks if that helps any.
  6. ek&lol

    With great regret

    Condolences to Larry and family so sad .A lovely lady . RIP Angie.
  7. ek&lol

    For Sale spicer brake shoes

    4 boxes spicer drum brrake shoes new no linings offers
  8. ek&lol

    For Sale Air chambers

  9. ek&lol

    For Sale Air chambers

  10. ek&lol

    For Sale Air chambers

    Pair of new air brake chambers came as spares with a 96 monaco offers?
  11. ek&lol


    I had a Michelin tyre as a spare never used .when enquiring with commercial tyre fitters eg Ats or lodge tyres they say they wouldn't fit it if they didn't supply it . so no point carrying it then?
  12. ek&lol

    Is that

    yes well spotted rick just deciding what to do medical every year now insurance due ? storage fees / poor pension . ??
  13. ek&lol

    Is that

    £21950 actually jase.
  14. ek&lol

    Is that

    yes it is ours as you know jase why do you say that . thats empty weight ??
  15. ek&lol

    Only in America and Instant Divorce!

    You thinking about that then Alan.:p
  16. ek&lol

    Any idea what Antenna will fit ?

    or mag mount as shown.
  17. ek&lol

    I have now bought the RV!

    google h bowers electrical Longton stoke on Trent mine was £85 new but that was for a cummins.
  18. ek&lol

    Hi everyone, total newbie from the Isle of Wight

    Is it sv tech ??
  19. ek&lol

    Lpg tanks

    Must live in a dodgy area if you have a lock on you're pipes :)