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  1. jayandjen

    Road trip

    were lucky to have the rv. Explored high force and low force today. Currently parked at a posh pub on the a66 in exchange for an ace meal "-) Think were planning to goto kielder water next Campsite tom. Gotta empty and replenish fresh water
  2. jayandjen

    norcold fridge not working

    We were away at the weekend the fridge worked fine when we got to the site friday - but noticed on the saturday pm me beer was a bit warm! The fridge has decided to go on strike. Its a norcold N8X and our rv is only a year old so hasn't had heavy use. It stopped working whilst on 120v. So i...
  3. jayandjen

    Plumbing question

    I an fitting a macerator into bob the rv. I need to take the blue water feed pipe into a 1/2 " bsp socket. Are john guest push fit connections compatible with the u.s. pipe ? Measures just over 15mm on the external , assume the bore is 1/2" but havent removed the crimped hose tail just in case...
  4. jayandjen

    Its allways holiday time when...

    We get to canterbury rdy for the tunnel
  5. jayandjen

    V5 weights

    Hola, I am sending my v5c back to correct some mistakes. The revenue weight is 8165kgs Max permissible mass is also 8165kgs Technical permissable is blank on brakes and unbraked. The hitch is 5000lb (2265 kgs ) So I think the section max permissible should include trailer so 8165 plus 2265 =...
  6. jayandjen

    For Sale 2 maxxair fans

    Maxxair mini vents They are as pictured. Straight off a new rv. I changed them for see through vents. But I kept one in the loo. Ideal for non living room areas. Will need old sealant removing. Fits a standard 400 square roof light , our roof was 3" (75mm ) thick. £75 for the pair ?
  7. jayandjen

    Paased and passed !

    The new rv went through its IVA last Wednesday- James at Empire took it in for me ! And we passed so posted the reg forms out today. Also as I was unsure of the empty weight I decided to do a cat c so it didn't delay anything if I couldn't downgrade it. And it weighed in at 7400kgs. And today I...
  8. jayandjen

    RV Insurance

    We started to get our soon to be inported rv insurance sorted today . We were with Safeguard up until about Nov when we cancelled it when we sold the old rv Safeguard are now telling us they wont insure r.V.s now as they have changed the insurance company ( not using allianz any more) and...
  9. jayandjen

    Star spangles spanner

    Buy direct. One reason parts are dear are ebays s rip off fees. Up to 10 % on average. From Duncan's Facebook page New for 2019, we are proud to announce the latest news from Star Spangled Spanner, we are now selling RV parts and spares on Amazon UK, Ebay UK and through our own website shop...
  10. jayandjen

    Sad times today

    Spent a sad day today emptying the rv. Selling it because my kids have extended in length so we're in need of a bunkhouse. Our first rv and we both said we now couldn't be without an rv now So many adventures year round Loved it though and once it's gone were in the market for another ! We will...
  11. jayandjen

    Selling the rv

    Spent a sad day today emptying the rv. Selling it because my kids have extended in length so we're in need of a bunkhouse. Loved it though and once it's gone were in the market for another ! We will prob bring one in from the bunkhouse so rare. Mark at dreams rv has offered to buy it so...
  12. jayandjen

    For Sale For sale rv shelter

    12m x 3.5 footprint. 3.5 high to sides and 4.5 high at the apex. See below for exact spec Our rv is 3.65 tall and it fits. I just don't have the horizontal top bar in the entrance at the top. I also...
  13. jayandjen

    Batterey charging... engine or generator

    My question is.... i can charge my house batteries via the onboard gen through the charger convertor or by starting the engine thro the alternator. What will charge my battries faster ? I have an inverter and display panel which shows voltage on batteries. When i put the gen on the panel only...
  14. jayandjen

    Kidde fire extinguisher recall

    I read about this on the IRV2 forums. Our extinguisher was affected and will be replaced through their european arm. Links to both the us site for idendityfing you product and the european one for registering your extinguisher for swapping. ( the email i had says select 'other' for the...
  15. jayandjen

    Rv bike rack

    As pictured.. Free to anyone that wants it. Else its getting recycled. Based in nortampton. Can post for cost. Is a halfords 4 way bike rack i modified to fit an rv hitch. Not used now as i bought an atera one which is quicker to load our bikes. I have the straps to load bikes.
  16. jayandjen

    Our Summer holiday

    Link is to where i put a summary of our holiday.. a map and zoom into brief photo selection. Jay
  17. jayandjen

    Oyster internet satellite

    We had a internet system installed in MAY 2015 by LAS. Its been really reliable ( if not fast ) and Jen uses it while were away to print sales orders direct to the workshop. To cut a long story short the box we recieved and had put in was a silver one. ( a standard def box ) This box was...
  18. jayandjen

    Levellers gone mad !

    We have lci levelling. It only operates levelling not slidrouts and its not spring return. Flipping things gone potty. Often levelling leàving a random jack not fully extended, failing to retract so i do it manually on the motor. And sometimes throws a wobbly lifting all 4 wheels in the air...
  19. jayandjen

    edpm roof cleaning

    Hello. I,m planning to wash the rv this weekend.. i usually just wash the roof using water and a brush just wandering if i can use a bit of washing up liquid in it to help , or if this will cause issues with the edpm? cheers jay
  20. jayandjen

    Sad times

    Lost me old man tuesday. . Worked as a lorry driver most his life , had a heart attack at bristol while loading. Worked currently for robinsonsons auto logistics. List prior to include lawsons , taylor barnards , abbots think tankers.. calor .. going back further swifts... Trevor lewis. Twin...