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    Lexington B Class RV

    Hi all, found a Lexington b class, 2005 with slides, fits our budget, any pitfalls to look out for
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    Wanted RV or 5th wheeler

    Hi all, have been looking for an RV or 5th wheeler for months now but can't find the right RV, perhaps someone can help, looking for one up to 30 foot with petrol and LPG conversion, with slide outs, A/C, leveling jacks, 2004 or newer. Been driving round to look at some, but what l have seen...
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    Advice on 1st RV

    Hi all, if you have read any of my posts, then you know that I have been looking for an rv or fifth wheeler for sum time now, however I have found the following RV not to far away from me. 2000 Georgie Boy Landau 29 footer (no slides) on a website, the price is within my budget and according to...
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    Wanted 5th wheel tow truck

    Hi, looking for a tow truck, (Nissan Navara, or Ford Ranger) either with a 5th wheel conversion or without, but preferably with, to tow a 5th wheeler, budget 4/5k, only get used when touring, not as a family car
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    RV wanted

    Hi, looking for an rv or fifth wheeler up to 30 foot with petrol and LPG conversion, with slide outs and fixed bed, 2005 or later, moving up from a motorhome, max budget 25k
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    Looking to buy

    Hi do any of the members have an rv for sale that fits our budget and preference, budget £25k ish????
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    Total newbie

    Hi everyone, just joined up as a newbie l would appreciate your help and guidance, as we have sold our motorhome and toad, we are now looking to buy an RV, we loved the life we had over many years with the moho, but as we are both retired and built for comfort (not speed) we need more room, and...