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  1. dixo

    Seasonal Pitches, I just don't get it

    Correct !!! Off Gale street Wife’s from Scrattons terrace across A13 from Gale Street
  2. dixo

    Seasonal Pitches, I just don't get it

    I was also born and raised in Dagenham and proud of it !!!!
  3. dixo

    licence coming 70

    I’m 73 Drive 7.5 ton RV Renewed mine at 70 with doctor’s medical for 3 years . Should have renewed on my 73rd birthday but DVLA extended license for 11months because of Corvid Will now renew with a medical later in the year.
  4. dixo

    Power steering probs

    Sit in cab and pump brakes and shake steering then check Wouldn't drive it myself
  5. dixo

    Power steering probs

    Mine just failed Mot for leaking hydro-max steering unit and other items Marker lights on top of cab (never worked) fail this year hazards going too fast ?????
  6. dixo

    If you Build it they will come 2

    Good luck in your new adventure :clap:
  7. dixo

    Survey powys council, for Aire

  8. dixo

    Any off the floor recovery companies

    He’s driving it there (y):lipssealed:
  9. dixo

    Monaco Knight

    All too heavy for me :cool:
  10. dixo

    About to buy an RV!

  11. dixo

    Got the call

    Excellent :clap:
  12. dixo

    Got the call

    Had the vaccination yesterday :clap:
  13. dixo

    Got the call

    Still waiting in Devon :sweating: 73
  14. dixo

    Moving RV’s beware !

    Easy Pick up RV Friday and spend Saturday/Sunday at Mullacott Cross industrial estate to test it all out . Leave at midnight Sunday or anytime that will get you to MOT station Monday in Rugby. Peter
  15. dixo

    Got bored !

    We used Castle Combe track day Me and my NIGEL in a road legal kit car with escort turbo drive train Bloody fast but in the wet Lethal :sick:
  16. dixo

    Parking up at illfracombe

    Hidden Valley Phone: 01271 813 837 Just google for site info. near Ilfracombe. Peter(y)
  17. dixo

    Tv problem

    We haven’t a tv in bedroom :clap:
  18. dixo

    HGV Licence -DVLA

    Mine ran out November 2020 As I am 73 would need medical again So doing nothing about it until October 2021.
  19. dixo

    tier 4

    And turn it into a private house !!!!
  20. dixo

    Shipping RV from US to UK

    We shipped our boat from port Elizabeth near New York quite a few years ago.