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  1. dixo

    RV Length

    So am I right in thinking a 45ft Monaco Isn’t allowed on our roads?
  2. dixo

    Mot expiry

    My mot runs out on 17th May As it’s a class 4 test like a car why haven’t I got the 6months extension Just checked on DVLA website The Smart car has been extended that we use as toad?????
  3. dixo


    M5 crash van had 18-year-old tyres, inquest hears No more to be said !!!!!!
  4. dixo

    Don’t you love a dog!!!’ If it works?
  5. dixo

    Dometic Fridge

    Fridge has decided to stop working on electric,still works on gas. Press power button with no gas turned on,thinking about it the check light comes on. Not done this before on just electric??? Any ideas?
  6. dixo

    Have you seen this before

    Customer came to collect motorcycle that he had won on eBay. He got out one of these——- Never seen one before
  7. dixo


    We have OLD RV engines (petrol) and gearboxes coming from the states. We have 2 Maserati engines arrived Also FORD / CHEVY engines/gearboxes arrived Many classic motorcycles arrived Peter Go items for sale
  8. dixo

    Domestic Gas Tank

    Been using RV 2/3 days a week since September last year Just boil kettle and cook on gas Not heating STILL GOING Not run out AMAZING!!!!!!
  9. dixo

    Ideal classic toad

    1960 maybe only one in uk Very light to tow 372242955140 E/bay Stand out from the crowd!!!!!
  10. dixo

    Trailer registration

    From Fun There is a new Government Bill called Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Bill 2018. This is an extract from the Explanatory Note: Part 2: Trailer Registration Policy Background 42 The UK’s proposed ratification of the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (“the 1968...
  11. dixo

    Brake pads

    Bonded or riveted fixing? Which is best?
  12. dixo

    Blocked Black Tank

    What a day!!!!!! Thought I’d emptied black tank then grey. Whilst emptying black Thought got 2 gallon of water in a container outside flush tank ,down the toilet it goes. That’s another job done,haven’t emptied that black tank for a while. Use it 1 night a week. Going to bed last night 11.00pm...
  13. dixo

    Freezing Rv

    I use RV two nights a week in Bristol at sons business,so have now left it to use next week. I live in Devon so 100 miles away Question How do I prevent freezing when I’m not there Can’t leave connected to electric Not practical to drain water Any suggestions?
  14. dixo

    Driving licence for 70 renewal

    So got me form from DVLA to renew Do it on internet Or post only if want C1 or D1 with medical form What do I want?????
  15. dixo

    Auto brake on Chevy p30

    Can anybody explain this ? When you start off all working fine, When we get hot the position on the gear change where auto brake comes off is closer to the neutral position, When cold position on gear change display is in reverse Put it in reverse comes off immediately When hot you have to find...
  16. dixo

    RV stalled on A38

    RV stalled on A38 near Plymouth one lane closed Eastbound
  17. dixo

    We are at Dawlish

    Arrived yesterday Cofton Holidays Site 3 RV spaces Fully serviced pitches Going to explore facilities today They look good Suns shining looks a good 7 day stay Peter
  18. dixo

    Going Wednesday

    To HIGHLANDS END HOLIDAY PARK Eype, Bridport, Dorset DT6 6AR For a week Will let you know what it's like!
  19. dixo

    Just got reminder for taxing R.V. £235 Mines reg PLG How do I change class to PHGV
  20. dixo

    Cheap RV s

    From $299