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  1. Merv-IOM

    Happy birthday simsy56

    Happy birthday Craig, best wishes for a fabulous day Merv and Sandra xx
  2. Merv-IOM

    All in favour of better mpg..

    ...please raise your right foot. :D
  3. Merv-IOM

    Silly question re. Santander

    This may seem silly, but who checks your passport at Brittany ferries, Santander? :mm:
  4. Merv-IOM

    Ageing WiFi router/repeater replacement?

    Currently we have a 12v Solwise router ( with an external Solwise USB patriot antenna ( that feeds all our devices and smart telly in our RV, but it's getting long in the tooth and beginning to...
  5. Merv-IOM

    Gibraltar border?

    Anyone know if the border between Gibraltar and Spain is functioning normally please? We're hopefully heading there next week
  6. Merv-IOM

    No sidelights!

    Our sidelights stopped working on our way south and I wonder if anyone has an idea of the cause please? Headlights, brake and indicators all work perfectly as do the dash lights....just the sidelights don't work.... Thanks in advance
  7. Merv-IOM

    International travel ban?

    Is it ok to travel abroad now please?
  8. Merv-IOM

    For those traveling to Spain.. entry regulations
  9. Merv-IOM

    Glimmer of hope...

    Amongst all these restrictions, I've found an article that will reassure anyone heading for the Andalusia region of Spain
  10. Merv-IOM

    Travel insurance for Europe?

    As Brexit is looming large on the horizon with the very high prospect of a 'no deal', what sort of travel insurance have you all got....and from whom? (Being mindful that the EHIC cards will no longer be valid after 31st December 2020, should it all end in a no deal scenario). Has anyone found...
  11. Merv-IOM

    Interesting! Found it

    Finally found what I wanted to post previously
  12. Merv-IOM


    Sorry but the link didn't work and I couldn't delete this post
  13. Merv-IOM

    Another project for sale on IOM

    Here's some screenshots of the advert on a local Facebook page
  14. Merv-IOM

    Project for sale on IOM

    Posted today on Facebook
  15. Merv-IOM

    Spain anyone?

    It looks like we'll be heading south around November, Spain and maybe Portugal (if we're allowed)..... anyone else in the planning stage?
  16. Merv-IOM

    Huge thank you's!

    I'd like to say a huge thanks to both Steve ( and Duncan ( for their tireless help and advice. Both of them helped me to fix my fridge (new power board kit) and spent many hours of phone calls/WhatsApp messages talking me...
  17. Merv-IOM

    Norcold fridge problems

    The power board on my Norcold 120LRIM fridge packed up the other day, so I bought (at great expense) a Dinosaur 6212xx board from a regular UK supplier...all good so far. I fitted the board with no problems (after setting the jumper to 621271 and changing the fuse to 8amp) but it seems it's not...
  18. Merv-IOM

    Isle of Man free of lockdown

    BBC News - Coronavirus: Isle of Man becomes first in British Isles to live without lockdown
  19. Merv-IOM

    Winegard Wingman attachment?

    I'm thinking of adding one to my antenna, has anyone bought one and did it improve TV reception? Or are they a waste of money? Thanks in advance
  20. Merv-IOM

    We're finally home!

    We arrived back on the Isle of Man last night after being in lockdown since 14th March. Only 2 more weeks of quarantine to go...... What a journey that's been, but all's well that ends well, thanks to all the good friends and family who've helped us along the way (you know who you are (y) )...