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  1. monacosteve

    Flat towing smart 453

    Was that the new shape one
  2. monacosteve

    Flat towing smart 453

    This suggests you can but would like to know if anyone has tried it.
  3. monacosteve

    Flat towing smart 453

    Just thinking the same thing
  4. monacosteve

    Flat towing smart 453

    Thinking of going back to aframe and getting rid of the smart trailer. We have the 2017 smart 453 does anyone know if it can be towed, some are saying yes and some no. Anybody towing one at the moment.
  5. monacosteve

    Waterloo cross

    Anybody stayed at this park and is it ok Thanks
  6. monacosteve

    Long term rv pitches Somerset

    Any rv friendly sites around the western area Or anywhere between Exeter and Bristol Thanks
  7. monacosteve

    Full time rv pitch in Devon

    We spoke to quite a few people on the site That have seasonal caravans and they seem to be quite happy with the new owners, Who are trying to upgrade the park from the previous owners. We had quite a long chat with them and they are quite nice, If my contract hadn’t been extended I would have...
  8. monacosteve

    Full time rv pitch in Devon

    If anyone is interested there is a 12 month pitch at Lemonford caravan park in Devon available, We put a deposit on it in October but are now unable to use it as my contract has been extended we’re we are, it is a fully serviced pitch, the new owners are spending some money on the park, if...
  9. monacosteve

    For Sale Rv slide out locks

    Selling 5 brand new slide out locks £100 + postage
  10. monacosteve

    mobile mechanic

    Have you had a look inside the transformer
  11. monacosteve

    Good stop Saltash services

    All good on mot for another year. No advisory’s (Phew) All that rolling around underneath is worth it. Great mot guy (understands Rv’s ) Especially the lights.
  12. monacosteve

    Good stop Saltash services

    Nothing it’s not a big services but space at the side for a couple of 40fters.
  13. monacosteve

    Good stop Saltash services

    Just pulled up for the night at Saltash services Mot early tomorrow. Good little stopover for anyone heading down this way.
  14. monacosteve

    Tregoad park sold

    Hello you 2 Hope your both ok, we don’t know what’s happening here yet. Still waiting to head to Scotland for a month. Have you been moving around at all or just stayed in the one place. Hope the cats are ok, Tabs has lost a lot of weight in the last month so had blood tests today and Daisy’s...
  15. monacosteve

    Wiper jets

    Has anybody used the wipex universal wiper jets on their rv, I’m using the old Monaco ones at the moment but not very good. Thanks Steve
  16. monacosteve

    Tregoad park sold

    Tregoad park has been sold to waterside parks in weymouth. End of an era for us as we have been here for 14 years. it has been a great park to stay on. Pete the owner has bought himself another RV for his retirement ( good luck to him). The new owners have 3 great parks in weymouth but no...
  17. monacosteve

    Too old for this

    Spent the day yesterday under the bus with the compressor and dinitrol, replaced silencer, and gave it a good cleanup, Really feeling it today, tomorrow will be greasing up and corrosion block on any electrical connections. It looks worth it when its all done, but rolling around on a gravel...
  18. monacosteve

    Anyone taken their RV to Finland in the winter

    Drove up to batsfjord nordcap with a friend quite a few years ago and stayed in rental cabins in the towns on the way up in winter, his aunty was the doctor for the top of Norway stayed up there for a month then drove down zigzagging Sweden and Finland. A lot of the roads up north above tromso...
  19. monacosteve

    Sub Zero Heaters

    Running the 8kw Chinese heater tonight First good run for months. (Toast)
  20. monacosteve

    Cl site Highworth near swindon

    The owner says you can park in the bottom of the car park we’re the wall is by the benches in the picture, and he will let you plug in at the back of the pub. It is very level by the wall Good food £15 a night for the cl. I’m there in the caravan for a couple of days as sister is in care home...