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  1. Paul Michael

    For Sale DAMON DAYBREAK 3070 FOR SALE £42,000

    FOR SALE - DAMON DAYBREAK 3070 £42,000 M.O.T. until 7th October 2021 I am upgrading to a coach. I have spent £5000 - £6000 on this RV over the last couple of years. Whoever buys this can just start up and drive away.
  2. Paul Michael

    Needing somewhere to self isolate on return from France ( Problem solved thanks everyone)

    Hi ya, Bagwell farm definitely do allow longer RV's. We have stayed there in our Damon Daybreak 9.44m so its worth a call. Telephone 01305 782 575. Good luck. (y)
  3. Paul Michael

    MOT Centre North West

    Looks like the perfect place to get an MOT for a RV!
  4. Paul Michael


    Hi Sammy. There is a video on the American Motorhome Club (AMC) Facebook page today about filling the LPG tanks. It shows the bleed valve that you were talking about hissing when full. (y)(y)
  5. Paul Michael


    Hi ya, yes it will hiss and smell of gas, that's normal. Most people don't open that valve but I do. I think the manual says keep the valve open until liquid comes spurting out, then you know you are full. You should only fill to 80% and no more for safety purposes.
  6. Paul Michael

    This weeks fun .....

    Well done Adi. Great work. (y)
  7. Paul Michael


    Hi, we will be upgrading to a coach, hopefully later this year or early next year. If you can stretch a couple of feet to 30ft, Our Damon Daybreak will be up for sale. Thanks Paul
  8. Paul Michael

    Fleetwood windscreen

    If you call your insurance company and tell them that you are worried that the screen will be damaged if you drive to Inverness, I'm sure they will do their utmost to get someone to you because if it does crack, they will have a much bigger bill!
  9. Paul Michael


    Thank you, I will call him. (y)
  10. Paul Michael


    Thanks will do. It's not for me. It's a friend who lives near Kings Lynn. I will ask Jay Thanks. (y)
  11. Paul Michael


    Hi all, Does anyone know if there is an RV mechanic who works near Kings Lynn please? Thanks Paul
  12. Paul Michael

    New club on Facebook and its free

    Hi Blair, You are definitely not blocked. The AMC only started up again on 24th June? Regards Paul
  13. Paul Michael

    New club on Facebook and its free

    Hi Olly. Yes I am admin for the AMC. (y)
  14. Paul Michael

    Storage in Norfolk

    Great, well done mate. I hope you get that new home, it looks really nice! Good luck. Regards Paul
  15. Paul Michael

    Storage in Norfolk

    Do you use the Armitage bike rack that you bought from me Blair?
  16. Paul Michael

    Storage in Norfolk

    Hi Blair. let me know if you want to rent in tenerife as I have apartments for rent there ! :D (y) Regards Paul.
  17. Paul Michael

    Wanted RV under 7.5T

    We are upgrading to a coach this year. If I can sort the coach out, you could buy our Damon Daybreak. 31ft. 2007 with 2008 front one piece windscreen. 2 x slideouts. I have spent a lot of money on it recently. e.g. 6 New tyres, 4 Trojan 125 batteries, new 1600w inverter with remote control...
  18. Paul Michael


    Thanks Adi. (y)
  19. Paul Michael


    Hi all, Clearing out my garage and found this. Can anyone tell me what engine it is from please? T.I.A.
  20. Paul Michael


    Happy birthday from us Cassie. Paul & Laine. xx