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  1. dj motormouth

    Water Pump spluttering

    My water pump is spluttering when a tap is turned on, either hot or cold. It seems to have a lot of air in the line as well and when I turn the tap off it takes a while before the pump stops running. I cannot see any leak in the system and have tried a new pump and still got the same symptoms...
  2. dj motormouth

    Gone with the Wind

    Just looked up at the fan in the kitchen area and could see through to the sky! Part of the fan cowling has broken off and disappeared, I thought I saw a crack in it the other day and obviously the wind has got under it and ripped part of it off. It was the type that allowed for the lid of the...
  3. dj motormouth

    New Sofa

    After much searching have at long last replaced the sofa with a new one. The old sofa was dirty, springs broken and never used as a bed. We search everywhere for something that would fit the space and found this by Nabru. It comes on a pallet in bits and is easy to put together. Cost was £376...
  4. dj motormouth

    Where to source new sofa

    The wife has decided that it is time to replace the sofa. The springs are broken and the fabric is knackered so SWMBO has spoken. I have considered rebuilding it but it is not an option as we are full-time and staying put in the next few months due to work. Has anyone replaced their's with a...
  5. dj motormouth

    Second Attwood water heater has holes

    For the second time I have got a water heater that has developed pinholes in the seam of the water tank. I have been told that it is the soft water in the area that causes the problem. Before I spend out on a tank has anyone got any ideas how to prevent this in the future.
  6. dj motormouth

    Flait-It or Push Fit water conectors

    I am fed up with the mess and leaks I have in my locker where the boiler and water pump is so having to repair it several times now is the time to start from scratch. The boiler is a pain as to get to the back of it is a tight squeeze and in theory then blocked in with a wooden panel. On the...
  7. dj motormouth

    Confusing water pipes

    Hi I have had to strip out my entire cupboard where the water pump is next to the water heater. Being a complete numpty I have got completely confused putting the pipework back. So to check: 1. The pipe from the water tank is the one that has the soft pipe attached for sucking in anti-freeze...
  8. dj motormouth

    Solar and EHU Together

    Looking for some advice. At the moment I do not have any solar but want to have the facility for the future. Plus I also want to reduce our monthly electricity bill for the future. Although I always have EHU is there a way I could also run solar alongside at the same time?
  9. dj motormouth

    Dirty Water in sink and toilet

    Hi I have started getting black or grey coloured water coming out of the toilet and bathroom cold tap. I am also having problems when flushing the toilet, it is not always shutting the water supply off and the bowl is filling up with water. Are these two things connected or is it just...
  10. dj motormouth

    Advice needed - 240/120 transformer cooked

    Due to the hot weather and having to leave the dogs for several hours at a time the air con has been working overtime. No hassle as ehu is free for us, but today there was a burning smell. Tracked it down to the transformer that was hot. Looks like a new one needed. What has anyone else done...
  11. dj motormouth

    Outside chairs

    In A week we move to a new location for the summer and will have our own patch to be able to have a bbq and chairs. I am completely confused by the difference in price in zero gravity chairs. What do others use and any to avoid? The reason I want a zero gravity is so as to be able to put my legs...
  12. dj motormouth

    WHow far will a macerator pump?

    We are moving to a site soon where will have to move to dump black so looking at alternatives. What is the best macerator to buy and how far will it pump? I have a tote tank but am looking at easier ways. Thanks Michael
  13. dj motormouth

    Rear Hitch Storage

    I do not want to put a trailer on the rv as we have to get out of a very tight entrance. However has anyone used their rear hitch to put a storage box onto? I am thinking it would help clear up locker space for other items and could then take BBQ, chairs, etc. Any ideas? Michael
  14. dj motormouth

    Fresh Water Pumps

    We are using our fresh water pump a lot more and it is noisy and seems to be "gasping" when pumping. I have seen on RV Medics that there are two pumps. One at £95 and the other at £230. I know the more expensive is a higher GPM rate but I am wondering what others here use. Or does everyone go...
  15. dj motormouth

    Atwood boiler leak

    I have an Atwood 6 gallon water heater with engine bypass and 110v electric heat as well as LPG. I have discovered I have a leak that looks as if it is coming out of the black box that is on the rear of the heater. If I switch of the water supply the problem goes away. I can hear when it is...
  16. dj motormouth

    Window Sealant

    Hi I have a leak from the passenger window from the top. Looking at it I can see where the leak probably is from. The sealant is black, but what is it? Thanks
  17. dj motormouth

    Off grid power

    I have a 2000w inverter coming off the leisure batteries. I am wondering could I take a lead from that to where the normal 240v supply comes in. That way all the 240v sockets would work as normal?
  18. dj motormouth

    Seen in Torquay

    Just seen a Winnebago Chieftain parked up at the seafront. Anyone on here?
  19. dj motormouth

    After the recent threads - Which recovery company to join?

    As the title says. I need to join a recovery (just in case) club/company before starting to travel again soon. After the recent threads is RAC Arrivals still the favoured choice, or are other companies available?
  20. dj motormouth

    Which BBQ - Times moves on

    Hi I know in the past people have suggested the Cadac. But is that still the best way to go, or is there now a better BBQ. I want something easy to use occasionally as I really miss not having a BBQ and sitting outside cooking a large steak while cooking with wine