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  1. jayandjen

    Ageing WiFi router/repeater replacement?

    Teltonika rut950 will do all you want. But not sure if it's 5g? do them and the puck aerials.
  2. jayandjen

    What sealant

    OK. So my winnebago call out sheet used this as the seat on sides / trims / gutters. Which are gelcoat and alluminium. This I could not find in the UK or get posted over. The closest equivalent I could buy in the UK with similar...
  3. jayandjen

    What sealant

    Well can't argue with that! Because you have used it for years successfully. I will agree to disagree. Silicone will not make it on the exterior of the rv.. The seals have previously been done in a polyutherane one and to do any repairs won't work as the silicon doesn't adhere. I did try. I...
  4. jayandjen

    What sealant

    sorry i read windscreen. The windscreen is rubber. When i fitted a new window in the side of my rv the window was supplied with a neoprene gasket. I didnt trust that so i used SIKA 291i. A marine adhesive / sealant in black to match the frame. It is a flexible sealant. but some they may...
  5. jayandjen

    What sealant

    There is defiantly rubber around the windscreen on the thor ace not a sealant.
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    Rrv take care, positive vibes for your mum xxx
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    We had a thpr ace 29.3 Did us fine we loved it. Check the rear lights for signs water ingress..and the front top marker lights. Early models had issues with the slides they upgraded the system on the large full wall slides. The upgraded system has 3 rails on the slides side not 2. As the slides...
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    A Great Airstream for someone !! ??
  10. jayandjen

    A Great Airstream for someone !! ??

    i think it sold at silverstone actions? i think it went higher than that i think it wend for 79K or something? Is that the same vehicle?
  11. jayandjen

    Wells Holiday Park,Somerset.

    I have just seen the new restrictions. And the devolved goverments. Were more in line with others in Europe now. Were booked to goto Ludlow so were OK but I think Jan and Feb will be tough. In northampton were tier 2 but my postcode is purple high on the postcode checker. Schools dead centre...
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    Wells Holiday Park,Somerset.

    I thought brighton was Tier 2 so CAMC club sites will be open os normal?
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    I would second him
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    Wells Holiday Park,Somerset.

    Bugger another site we can't go to less in the pot
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    R.I.P. BILL

    Maggie, condolences from me and Jen. :-( Take care of yourselves
  16. jayandjen

    RV Issues with Registration Document

    Like i say the company SV TECH will be able to do this for you. Like i say the DVLA trust the documents they supply as they do a lot with them. you just have to pay for the privalage Because your vehicle was effectively registered at those incorrect weights the DVLA assume they are correct and...
  17. jayandjen

    RV Issues with Registration Document

    Just checking you have the correct licence to uprate the vehicle back to its original specification? ( HGV? I assume you have done your homework on this. Many rvs were imported with the incorrect number on the paperwork so people can wrongly drive them on a car license. Looks like yours has...
  18. jayandjen

    bad news

    Sorry to hear this. Its as bad now as it was in the spring unfortunatly.
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    This weeks fun .....

    Great post! Take on all the jobs and not just the easy ones your never going to be short of work!
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    Waste disposal, i.e emptying onboard tanks without moving the rig

    the macerator pumps are replaceable - but not cheap. Cheaper than a new loo though! But don't put anything down there that wouldnt go through a blender! Our Thetford tecma has adjustable water use age so we use it on the minimum length flush. The bowl is left empty after flushing so i have a...