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  1. Pedro1122

    Windscreen Wipers

    Followed Johns advice. They were delivered yesterday! Just can't get to the van in storage yet....*Update* Perfect fit!
  2. Pedro1122

    Ageing WiFi router/repeater replacement?

    It's worth the dosh! (y) ;)
  3. Pedro1122

    Ageing WiFi router/repeater replacement?

    B818-263 router Huwaii paired with a Poynting A-MIMO-3-V2-15 - Poynting 5-IN-1 High Performance Multi Frequency Antenna LTE, Dualband WiFi, GPS Very quick! Duncan fitted antenna but the BB818 is LTE cat19 not cat 4 or 5 like a normal router. Super duper router. 170mb download South West France...
  4. Pedro1122

    Windscreen Wipers

    Anybody know where I can get 32" wipers with hook connection? For a Thor Windsport 32a A class. The wipers on now come loose easily, not helpful when in roadworks during a storm :(
  5. Pedro1122


    Condolences 94 was a good age. Peter and Julie.
  6. Pedro1122

    Gibraltar border? Happy New Year! (y)
  7. Pedro1122

    Hi-Newbie alert!

    Hi Philip, What RV are you looking at?
  8. Pedro1122

    Happy Christmas and New Year!

    No UK. Got some bits I want doing on the bus. You are missing nothing here! Wishing we were there....! Heared anything from Steve?
  9. Pedro1122

    Happy Christmas and New Year!

    When you back? I'm aiming for end of Feb into France.
  10. Pedro1122

    Happy Christmas and New Year!

    As the title! Hope we all have a better 2021. Planning my escape already ;) Peter and Julie.
  11. Pedro1122

    Lpg tanks

    Google, extendastay rv kit. I use one all the time in Twin Lakes, France. Nothing to do with a bbq as the gas goes through your usual regulator. I also have a 4kw Planar diesel heater. Go for the diesel heater! I had mine fitted as I'm a bit thick when it comes to fitting things (unless you just...
  12. Pedro1122

    A Great Airstream for someone !! ??

    and no slideouts!
  13. Pedro1122

    Hi ,I’m totally new to this so please forgive me if I come across as an utter idiot. I’m looking for some reassurance

    I second the HGV lessons, even if not an hgv vehicle! I've got the Fourwinds Windsport 32A
  14. Pedro1122

    Good Morning

    Morning from a drizzly Poperinge, Belgium. Still better than the tier system we are heading back to tomorrow! :(
  15. Pedro1122

    Winter is coming, so I am off in search of sun on me bones..

    Don't think the police are interested in anything with English plates! The Spanish couple on the other hand would be fair game :) assuming Spanish plates.... Have a good one. Peter and Julie.
  16. Pedro1122

    Hi fuel comsumption

    Santander down through Spain then the Algarve, up the west coast to the middle. Back across to Salamanca, Burgos. Now at Camping Du Toy in Herm FR. Used £1100 ish of lpg and a bit of petrol. I know this cos I only use the Revolut card to fuel up!
  17. Pedro1122

    Portugal West Coast

    Morning! Any tips for sites heading north from the Algarve? Coastal?
  18. Pedro1122

    Good Morning

    Good Morning from a Sunny start to the day from Yelloh Village Turiscampo, Lagos.
  19. Pedro1122

    Good Morning

    Morning from a warm but overcast Ria Formosa in Tavira! Heading West to Prai de Luz today. Amazing thunder and lightning yesterday!
  20. Pedro1122

    Good Morning

    Swap! Thunder and lightning today in Tavira!