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  1. davensue

    Good Morning

    Morning from a wet Somerset,I always thought that the film Ground Hog Day was fiction not factual!:(:rolleyes::oops:
  2. davensue


    So sorry to hear your sad news our thoughts are with you, Tina and your family. Remember the good times.
  3. davensue


    Thank you to all my RV family for my birthday wishes. :clap: I have had a lovely day with lots of calls & texts, so looking forward to getting out & about with you all & collecting my hugs:h: stay safe everyone hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel. :*:*
  4. davensue

    Merry Christmas to the big family of RVOC

    Merry Christmas Steve and all the RV family! Let’s hope 2021 brings happier & COVID free times allowing us all to meet up again. Best wishes to all Dave & Sue :party::party:(y)
  5. davensue

    R.I.P. BILL

    So sorry to hear your sad news. Our thoughts are with you & your family.
  6. davensue

    Happy birthday Al of al and jan.

    Happy birthday Al hope you had a great day :party:
  7. davensue

    Happy birthday carol of jimbo99

    Happy Birthday Carol hope you've had a great day:party:
  8. davensue

    Good Morning

    Good morning from a lovely warm Somerset ,looks like I will have to spend another day looking for my book on camouflage can't find it anywhere!:mask:
  9. davensue

    happy birthday to bev

    Happy Birthday Bev have a great day :party::party::party::party:
  10. davensue

    Good Morning

    Morning,I think my clock is broken:yawn:
  11. davensue

    Good Morning

    Morning all we left Bath Caravan & Marina park yesterday, they have now got 6 pitches which are fully serviced but realistically suited to 32 foot rvs. Now parked up back on the Somerset levels where it's grey & overcast but no rain! (y)
  12. davensue

    Happy Birthday Steve ( SteveKaron )

    Happy birthday Steve have a great day :party::party::party::party:
  13. davensue

    Happy Birthday Chris ( car 1966 Tony &Chris)

    Happy birthday Chris have a great day:party::party::party:
  14. davensue

    Good Morning

    Good morning from Bath Marina where the sun has made an appearance:cool:
  15. davensue

    Happy birthday Ann - Lone Ranger

    Happy birthday Ann :party: :party: :party: Have a great day
  16. davensue

    Happy Birthday Steve - Steve Martin

    Happy Birthday Steve :party::party::party: enjoy your day love & best wishes Dave & Sue:party::party::party:
  17. davensue

    Congratulations kev and bev

    Congratulations on your anniversary hope you had a great day :party: :party: :party: best wishes Dave & Sue
  18. davensue

    Happy Birthday Mo - Adventura

    Happy birthday Mo :party::party::party: have a great day, we're sure Georgie will spoil you as usual! Love to you both Dave & Sue :party::party::*
  19. davensue

    dave from davensue

    Thank you for my birthday wishes obviously a day of mixed emotions.:heartbreak:
  20. davensue

    RIP My dear sweet Ange xx

    Steve we are shocked and saddened to hear this news! Angie was such a lovely lady and a very dear friend to so many of us, our thoughts are with you and your families at such a sad time. Please don't hesitate to ring us if there's anything we can do. Love Dave & Sue xx