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    Tv problem

    Hi all I am changing the tv in the bedroom for one with a larger screen, the old one runs absolutely fine it has a power lead and ariel that goes in the ant socket (see photo)I have taken the Ariel out of the old tv and put it in the new tv (the one standing up)ant socket but have no...
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    Cummins 5.9 coolant temperature sensor location

    Hi all I have a 2007 Cummins 5.9 and need to replace the coolant temperature sensor and not sure of it’s location,is it on the top of the engine at the front or the rear of the engine ?and do you get to it through the inspection hatch under the bed inside.?
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    Atwood 8535 heater

    Hi all,Attwood 8535-iv dclp heater problem on my rv,the heater will start up(fan going)but is having trouble lighting the furness sometimes it lights then it cuts out and stops,if you look at the circuit board outside next to the heater there is a red warning light on the circuit board that...
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    Carrier air v air con won’t turn on

    Hi all my carrier air v will now not turn on,press the remote and it beeps twice but won’t turn on I’ve reset the remote but still not working,any ideas.
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    Shoreline and generator not charging

    Hi all I have a Damon Astoria 3773 2007 and for some reason has stopped charging on the shoreline When plugged in and when I start the generator ,any ideas what to check.
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    Norcold n811r fridge

    Hi all I have a norcold n811r that runs fine on gas,the other day I was parked up for a week plugged into a shore line with the fridge turned on to auto it ran fine for three or four days but now the gas has lite up for no reason while still plugged into the shoreline.WHY.
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    Battery drain damon astorea3773(2007)

    Can anyone help, When I put a meter on the positive lead I have around a 2.5-2.75 amp drain on my leisure battery(its a new battery) with everything turned off inside the camper(the two chassis batteries hold they charge)ie if i go to bed at 11.00pm with the leisure battery topped up to12.5volts...
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    damon astoria 3773 2007

    Can anyone please tell me where the inverter is on the rv as i cant find it to check if its faulty. cheers mark.