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  1. Preacher man

    Needing somewhere to self isolate on return from France ( Problem solved thanks everyone)

    Hi all, we are full time in our Winnebago Siteseer we have a problem, I wonder if anyone has any bright ideas. We are returning from France on Sunday 22nd. We had booked on a site near Newhaven to self isolate. They contacted us today and said they are closed and have cancelled our booking. The...
  2. Preacher man

    Refrigerator troubles

    Yesterday our Norcold decided it wouldn’t restart after a visit to fill up with LPG. After some fiddiling by me and a clean out still not working. Being on the South Coast decided to call ABM Automotive (Adi) two calls later and having followed his advice still not working! So he said we could...
  3. Preacher man

    Well we have done it!

    We are now officially retiring, I gave my notice in last week and I finish on the 31st August this year (2019). Its earlier than we thought but circumstances have changed. We will be traveling full time in 'Grace' our 2007 Winnebago Siteseer. First couple of months booked in Devon not far from...
  4. Preacher man

    Picking up 'Grace' Winnebago Siteseer

    This Wednesday we pick up our New to us Winnebago Siteseer thought I would try and put up some pictures from our viewing. We are just a bit excited.
  5. Preacher man

    Well we have done it!

    Today we agreed to purchase our first RV a Winnebago Siteseer 30b 2007 it's got a few jobs to be done, Solar Panel to be fitted and New British Oven (She who must be obeyed said no deal if it has an American oven) are the main things. So we get it in January. We will use it for holidays to start...
  6. Preacher man

    Winnebago Siteseer 30b 2007

    Anyone have experience of this model quality of build, reliability etc?
  7. Preacher man

    What's my address?

    Hi we are hoping to buy an RV in the next year or so, and go full time when we retire. We plan to travel in Europe not stay in one place for any great length of time. How do you deal with post, and the inevitable questions about your address when dealing with insurance, passports, pensions, etc...
  8. Preacher man

    New Member

    Hi I'm Gary and my wife is Carol. The picture is of us while in Canada last Summer. We spent 3 months traveling in an RV and drive 10,500 miles. We have fought the bug and want to get a RV for our retirement. This looked like a friendly place to get advice, and be part of the RV community.