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  1. snowbird

    90 day rule navigated.

    It took some time to sort, but it can be done, even though it will cost the princely sum of 7 Emus. During the transition period, Brits won’t need a visa to go to Europe. But that will change when the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is implemented next year. From...
  2. snowbird

    Chevy 5.3 on LPG

    Have just been offered a Chevy Silverado Z85 with the 5.3 engine. It already has an LPG system fitted, but no upper cylinder oil injection system Before I pull the trigger on this truck, which I intend using to tow my fiver, what are the views on if it would be best to fit the oil injection...
  3. snowbird

    Mosel Rolling Meet.

    Each summer we do the Mosel rolling meet on FUN but I thought it a good idea to include RV owners who may be interested. The Stellplatz at Reil is big enough for the largest outfit with ground level dump and 16 amp electric all for the princely sum of 60 Euros per week. It has river and...
  4. snowbird

    Fifth Wheel Charging.

    I have recently purchased a fifth wheel outfit, but the leisure batteries do not seem to be charged from the donkey. The cart has a huge solar panel on the roof but I would like to have the convenience of charging from the Ford Wildtrak. There are 2 12 volt sockets in the truck, one for the...
  5. snowbird

    For Sale Custom Adult Etrike.

    After having a custom adult trike made for cook at an alarming cost she has decided to make more use of the chauffeur "ME". This trike is virtually new, it has the Bosch crank drive and derailleur gears. It has a large shopping basket on the rear, unused, she has a chauffeur for such mundane...
  6. snowbird

    For Sale Covered motorcycle, quad, buggy trailer

    Brand new covered trailer, kneeler, to carry 2 large motorcycles or 3 small ones or a quad bike. Delivery miles only, to include spare wheel and extra tie down hooks. There is no need for ramps with this trailer as it tips and the tailboard drops down to act as a ramp. Just ride your bike in...
  7. snowbird

    A question regarding recovery.

    As previously posted am looking at 2 RVs in the next couple of days. One is under 7.5 tons and will be covered by my bank for European breakdown and recovery for trips up to 90 days,which is fine. The other is well over 7.5 tons and obviously not be covered. Who would give me 90 day European...
  8. snowbird

    Two RVs to view on the way home.

    Our summer in Germany is coming to an end this week and I have two RVs lined up to view on the way home. First a Coachman Mirada on LPG and second an American Eagle with the big Cummins. My heart tells me the Eagle, but my brain tells me the Mirada. Both have there positives and negatives, so...
  9. snowbird

    Does anyone know anything about this.

    Am thinking along the lines of another RV and came across this rare beast. Do any members know any history on it, as its very low miles...
  10. snowbird

    C1 and HGV Medical.

    My 70th birthday is fast approaching and I have to take my medical. I held a class1 licence for many years until I retired, but let it lapse by not taking my medical a few years ago. What I want to know is the C1 medical the same as the HGV medical. My thinking is that if I have to pay for a...
  11. snowbird

    German Yank.

    I didnt know the Yanks built on the Mercedes chassis, but an Allegro Bus with slides pulled onto the stelplatz at Reil Mosel yesterday that is built on the Mercedes bus chassis. nice coach too. I wonder if its a special order.
  12. snowbird

    Gulfstream mini vista.

    Does anyone know anything about this, or who owns it. Any info appreciated.
  13. snowbird

    Two for the price of one.

    I consider both these cheap, what say you lot.
  14. snowbird

    Had enough.

    Well having been back in the UK for a month and the summer came and went after 2 days am off again today. Ferry booked to Dunkirk in the morning then down to Munich for a few days, then south to see a friend in Balmi followed by perhaps Portugal before settling on my winter quarters in Benidorm...
  15. snowbird

    Low mileage Wanderlodge for sale.

    Not many of these in Europe. I always fancied one and this one is not that far away. Being as its not German registered am sure he would except a reasonable offer as not many Germans will touch it...
  16. snowbird

    Duff Diff.

    Sent the truck for service last week and was greeted with a plastic bag full of bits of metal. Ooh I thought, whats that. It turns out that when my mechanic dropped the axle oil like a good mechanic does he filtered the old oil as it came out. There were small pieces of metal in there indicating...
  17. snowbird

    Liquid rubber stuff.

    Whats that stuff the Americans use to seal joints on rubber roofs and around sky lights called and where can I get some. You know, it looks like liquid rubber. Have checked the roof joints today and there seems some cracking in the surface of the jointing compound, so to be safe I will bring...
  18. snowbird

    Baby wipes.

    Having pitched my Durango travel trailer on my permanent pitch here in Benidorm and just got everything plumbed in, I noticed there was little or no black waste coming out after a week. Thats it, bloody baby wipes. Two days of removing the the slide valve and rodding with all sorts of home made...
  19. snowbird

    Wasted journey.

    Did an 1100km round trip from Benidorm down to the other side of Malaga today to look at a Mallard Overland 38ft coach that was advertised on ebay. 37000 genuine miles on a Cummins 8 litre pusher, but oh what a bloody mess. That coach was the dogs danglies in its day, but only fit for breaking...
  20. snowbird

    Storage in Liverpool area.

    I will be looking for short term storage for a fifth wheel trailer from end of May in the Liverpool area. Am not there very often, so only short term.