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  1. MikeyRV

    Sold E Bike

    This has to go because I have ordered a new EBike. It’s a great bike just not made for what I miss, that’s the mad mountain biking, forest trails, single track and downhill. I bought this in May 2018 new when I sold my old Cannondale. Thinking I won’t miss the mad stuff after suffering with my...
  2. MikeyRV

    Be different

    I love both vehicles but not glued together. Built my Randy Grubb.
  3. MikeyRV

    Sold Toyota + A frame

    This little/big car has sadly got to go. Genuine reason for sale. I can not transport my surfboard and mountain bike on it or in it. We need a bigger car which we have already bought so this has to go. I am selling it as a package, I will not split. They don’t make them anymore so they are...
  4. MikeyRV

    RAC arrivals

    RAC arrivals just got better. Now you get 350 days cover and up to five claims. (y)
  5. MikeyRV

    Camper + Hot rod

    Being into hot rods and rat rods but also wanting a camper. I found one.
  6. MikeyRV

    New sat nav

    I need a new sat nav, mine has been playing up and has finally died, if it was a unit on it’s own it would have been thrown out the window by now, buts it’s a Kenwood radio, cd, dvd, sat nav jobey. All the rest works fine but no sat nav so could be interesting journey home. So what have you got...
  7. MikeyRV

    Tunnel and Calais delays

    Delays and traffic problems at Dover ferry and tunnel ports. Check before you leave home or swim.
  8. MikeyRV

    Yes please

    My ideal RV. Park up on a good surf spot, come out from a surf and have a beer out the back. Love it.
  9. MikeyRV

    RV’s in the snow

    All these pics of RV’S in the snow, reminds me of when we had ours. This was the first winter we had it 2010/2011. Went to minus 14, unusual for Devon. Was nice and toasty inside.
  10. MikeyRV

    RV +toad

    who needs a RV and toad when you can have one of these and can park in supermarket car parks.
  11. MikeyRV

    Off we go

    Thays it we are off,currently some where of the coast of England and heading for Cherbourg then who nows where, France Spain,for our winter trip. If any of you see us come and say hello. (y)
  12. MikeyRV

    Courtesy bus at peterbourgh

    Courtesy bus for the ol boys.
  13. MikeyRV

    In love part two

    I also like this a lot.
  14. MikeyRV

    I am in love

    This is on the site we are on and I so much want to win the lotto so I can have one.
  15. MikeyRV

    Go anywhere camper

    This pulled onto the site we are on yesterday. Think you could go anywhere with this.
  16. MikeyRV

    Spotted RV

    spotted a old Allegro RV heading North on the A63 going towards Bayonne. First RV we have seen since we been in France. Won't see another now for a while because we're in Spain now.
  17. MikeyRV

    Retro photos

    wheres all the photos of retro festival, was it good at the new venue gutted I missed it but was at a wedding in Jersey show me what I missed.
  18. MikeyRV

    RV's in the snow

    Now there's some bad weather about let's see some pics of your RV in the snow. Now or any other year. This was ours the first winter we had it. Temperature went to -14
  19. MikeyRV

    RV's at Busfest

    We are up at Busfest for the weekend, at the three counties showground in Malvern, the biggest VW van festival in Europe,about 8000 vans camped up, 300 trade stands, music, funfair,food,beer, for sale area the list goes on, I come here every year, do a bit of marshalling. Have seen three RV's...
  20. MikeyRV

    My super nationals and retro photos

    Here are some of my hot rod supernationals and Retrofestival photos this year. I like to take differant angles etc. hope you enjoy. :thumbup: