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  1. RV Neal

    Shipping RV from US to UK

    Hi Mate, (When I read your name I was amused to think it started "S-Fuka"! :giggle::giggle::giggle: I can't answer your question in any detail, I can only say the indicators are likely to need modification if they're not amber. Same goes for the front side lights if they are amber. The there's...
  2. RV Neal

    bad news

    Yes very sad indeed.
  3. RV Neal

    Phase 2 or 3 or is it 4 ?

    Well that sounds amazing! Really looking forward to some piccies.
  4. RV Neal

    Our 6 Months Tour

    At least it's not Biafra!
  5. RV Neal

    In sewer ants

    I had a delivery from Kent to Stockport yesterday and the roads were very busy indeed. All of them, the M20, the M40, the M6 and the M1. And all the inter-connecting motorways! Lockdown? What lockdown?
  6. RV Neal

    Our 6 Months Tour

    Looks a bit like La Manga? But the pitches are mostly similar everywhere.
  7. RV Neal

    Our 6 Months Tour

    Or Shepherd's hut caught alight?!
  8. RV Neal

    Electric European motorhome

    Do you think they had all this palava to go through when they worked on the old electric milk floats?
  9. RV Neal

    Electric European motorhome

    I drove a brand new, fully electric Mercedes van last Friday. To say it was awful is an understatement!
  10. RV Neal

    Silverstone Auctions - 2011 Damon Astoria Pacific Edition 3772

    Now that's a nice looking coach.
  11. RV Neal

    Motorcycle trailer

    I use a Brian James Bantam trailer. It is made for a Smart car (which I have) but I have customised it to be able to carry one or two motorcycles (not at the same time as the Smart car!). I have motorcycle wheel chock (holders) that make loading and unloading an easy, one-man operation. The...
  12. RV Neal

    Paint code

    Kent Paints in Tyland Lane, Maidstone (01622 752821) used to match any paint and you could buy just one aerosol. Not sure if they still offer this service but a phone call would establish.
  13. RV Neal

    Hi fuel comsumption

    Generally I cruise at 60mph (90kph) whether towing or solo. I use cruise control a lot. I'm probably running at or near maximum weight (6.5 tonnes) and the trailer can be up to a tonne, depending on what I'm towing. As has already been said I don't let mpg figures grind me down. This has been a...
  14. RV Neal

    Hi fuel comsumption

    Don't you just hate posts like this??? :oops::speechless:;). Someone on here told me they had a near identical vehicle to mine and were getting over 25 mpg. I can manage a "true" 14 mpg checked over three years of ownership. C'est la vie! :(:think::lipssealed:
  15. RV Neal

    Our 6 Months Tour

    They'll soon drop as the temperature rises to more climatic conditions!
  16. RV Neal

    2 bike trailer

    I've watched him make them! They're well-made but a bit "light-weight"; more suited to modern off-road machines rather than Harley-Davidsons or Honda Gold-Wings!
  17. RV Neal

    Paint code

    Mines in a cab door threshold. You only have one door to check. Perhaps someone will offer more specific advice?
  18. RV Neal

    Paint code

    My paint code and name is in a door threshold, if that is any help to you?
  19. RV Neal

    Big pussy

    When I searched the internet for "Big Pussy" I got different images to that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. RV Neal

    Good stop Saltash services

    Well done mate. And overnight in the services for nix? I checked out Exeter services at the bottom of the M5 earlier this year - £28 for an overnight stop!!!!!!!!! It would be alright if there was electric hook-up, water and dump; but none of that. And, you have to park up amongst the truckers...