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  1. shovelheadrob

    Diesel heaters

    I would like to think so, it's really down to the viscosity & the flow rate. Google or even a heating/oil supplier will probably be able to tell you the difference....
  2. shovelheadrob

    Shipping RV from US to UK

    No, it's less than half the cost.
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    Needing somewhere to self isolate on return from France ( Problem solved thanks everyone)

    You're being smart, not fussy, there is a hard standing but usually someone full-time on it....
  4. shovelheadrob

    Needing somewhere to self isolate on return from France ( Problem solved thanks everyone)

    There's a CL site in Kent that we use, I'm sure that if I spoke to the owner, she would let you stay there for a couple of weeks, but it's on grass & with the recent crap weather, I'm not sure what the ground is like. It's 5 minutes from the A2 near Gravesend.
  5. shovelheadrob

    Shipping RV from US to UK

    Speak to Ron Fenton at STS Imports, he will be able to guide you through the process & explain it all. Shipping from the West Coast is expensive though...
  6. shovelheadrob

    Chevy 5.3 on LPG

    You're correct that any vehicle designed for unleaded will have hardened valve seats, but that doesn't stop valve seat recession, which is what can happen with lpg. My understanding is that there's different types of hardened valve seats & some need the extra lubricant. FWIW I'd go with a...
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    In sewer ants

    It's more scaremongering from so called "experts" Ex = has been Spurt = a drip under pressure
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    Flogas in Peterborough are still open. Might be difficult with a toad, but room to uncouple.....
  9. shovelheadrob

    FREE customisable GPS Navigation

    I've just started using the Sygic Truck navigation app, you get a free 14 day trial, I've now paid for a lifetime licence with 3 years map upgrades. I'm planning to get an Atoto Android head unit & run it on that in the future.
  10. shovelheadrob

    Motorcycle trailer

    Why would they be? It's no different to having a toad or a 5th wheel & a truck....
  11. shovelheadrob

    Motorcycle trailer

    I've had my Shovelhead chop & my Buell on it at the same time, no worries, I did fill in the open floor sections though, it helps stop a fair bit of road dirt/spray.
  12. shovelheadrob

    Motorcycle trailer

    I used to have one from these, similar to this but braked too. Not cheap but I had it for a few years & sold it for the same price I bought it for.
  13. shovelheadrob

    Fuel system type

    I've not seen a multi point lpg conversion on a single point injection vehicle before, I've seen an old diaphragm system on an injected vehicle, but every day's a school day as they say.
  14. shovelheadrob

    Equalizer systems auto level 3103 replacement key pad

    I use Ron @ STS Imports all the time for large stuff & things from suppliers who won't ship outside the USA, but if you need it in a hurry try Stackry, it's a forwarding service, similar to STS you get stuff sent to a USA address & they send it on directly to you. They also consolidate items if...
  15. shovelheadrob

    Fuel system type

    I'd say probably single point injection or possibly even an older diaphragm type system, as said some pics would help.
  16. shovelheadrob

    Towing with a Ford Ranger The 'Hoop' issue

    I'd think that if you have a Sidewinder hitch the need to remove it might not be so bad, it really comes down to how much angle you can get or need before the trailer hits something on the truck. Shorter the bed, the more likely a cab strike.....
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    Toad anyone?

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    Chevy van 30 Four winds

    It's OK, I hadn't read your post properly, I was explaining how to link someone's username.
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    So what they're saying is that the cut off valve, which is basically similar to the ball valve in a toilet tank, is not accurate enough to use as 80% full! It all makes sense then as the vent is fixed at that, I've only once had liquid propane come through the cooker (on an exchange cylinder...
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    Chevy van 30 Four winds

    You can link a name by putting @Geofff as @(insert name) We try to help if we can