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    Grease guns.

    Must have had my Swiss made Wanner for 40 years or more trouble free.
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    Don't know of any sites in Amsterdam but there are plenty on the coast which is approx. 10 miles west of the city. We have stayed at Bloemendaal, near Zandvoort which has plenty of room for large outfits, the site being on the coast amongst the sand dunes. We have been to the Netherlands for...
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    Hi Jimbo99, Just changed our starter batteries last week without affecting the PCM (power train control module) or the TCM (transmission control module). Take one off and replace with new - take 2nd off and replace with new. They are connected in parallel so there is no interruption in current...
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    Another thumbs up for 3 MiFi. Brilliant. John
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    Hi dommanuman and welcome to the forum. We are fulltimers and regularly return to the Fylde area of Lancashire to visit relatives. There is no shortage of commercial sites in the South Lakes/Lancaster/Garstang/Fylde area that will accommodate RV's year round. We use the Caravan Club and...
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    Who's going where?

    Pic shows us overnighting at Harwich International Port with our trucks and trailers prior to sailing last Wednesday morning as we're spending the bank holiday in The Netherlands. Nige & Geri and John & Carole
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    Hi Norway, There are a bunch of remedies out there to control rust. I've found the most effective to be an application of spray grease every 2-3 years. It comes in handy spray cans. If you don't want to see rust again why not try a can on a section of your chassis as a test piece. No...
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    Leaving the same site in December 2010. Site and access roads not treated as they'd run out of salt!!!! However, enjoyed our stay there. John & Carole
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    Narrow Site Entrances

    Yeah, same width as a motorhome, but hooked up to tow vehicle considerably longer!! So once committed to a narrow entrance with the tow vehicle, there is not the option to change lock until rear of trailer is clear of entrance/exit. John & Carole
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    Narrow Site Entrances

    On a similar theme to Mick & Pat's thread on "Tightest Pitches" - has anyone experienced narrow site entrances. Here's one at Caravan Club CL - Giffords Farm, Clapham, North Yorkshire. John & Carole
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    Airstream Motorhomes...

    The correct name for an Airstream is Travel Trailer - this being American terminology for what we call a caravan. The company Airstream began manufacturing motorhomes in 1974, badged Argosy, which were painted. Production of aluminium motorhomes commenced in 1979 with models ranging from 25-37...
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    Marker Lights..

    Check out the 91 series of marker/clearance lights by Had these on a truck about 15 years ago - a real quality light and they still make them. John
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    True Full Timers

    As far as we know the term "fulltiming" derives from America and their definition of the word is : A person living full-time in an RV, having no other home. see We call ourselves fulltimers believing a person who parks an RV on a site...
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    True Full Timers

    Genuine, long time fulltimers here since the last century:thumbup: Presently in a friend's back yard in the Netherlands and the weather's just as bad. John & Carole
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    All year round pitches in cornwall

    Will do for the next mini-meet when we're back from Europe. What county do you represent - the three of us drink for Shropshire, Worcestershire and Lancashiredrink!!!!! John