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    Lpg tanks

    Just for reference I run a 30ft 3 slide fiver at the present time. We used to do trips of no less than 90 days at a time. We use a mixture of stellplatz, aires and campsites sometimes with, sometimes without hookup. I have 2 gas lockers built in, each holding a 13 kg bottle. Before fitting...
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    Lpg tanks

    I presume you will be using the gas heating system at this time of year, so that is where all the gas is going. Consider a diesel heater for heat and the gas and batteries will last much longer. Also, you should have enough change from fitting the diesel heater as opposed to an LPG tank to buy...
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    Diesel heater

    If the Atwood is goosed, consider an instant water heater. The one in my fiver is superb and I would never go back to the tanked water heater now. The instant water heaters use loads less LPG.
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    90 day rule navigated.

    It took some time to sort, but it can be done, even though it will cost the princely sum of 7 Emus. During the transition period, Brits won’t need a visa to go to Europe. But that will change when the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is implemented next year. From...
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    Diesel heaters

    They tell you 0.67 litres per hour at full tilt. Once the van is up to temp the heater shuts down.
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    Diesel heaters

    My 5 kw heater uses between 4 and 5 litres in a 24 hour period running flat out during the day and on low during the night. This is during very cold weather. If I closed the roof vents it would possibly save 1 litre per day. The main advantage for me is that it uses very little battery power...
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    Diesel heaters

    I must add that I have the 5KW diesel heater fitted in my 30ft 3 slide fiver and since fitting I have never used the LPG blown heating. I even leave the roof vents open although they do have rain cowls fitted. The fiver gets lovely and warm very quickly and as the heater is coupled up to its...
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    Diesel heaters

    When I fitted my Chinese diesel heater I did a lot of research on this subject, even watching Utube vids of heaters being stripped down after being run on hydraulic oil, bio diesel and mixes of just about everything resembling diesel including filtered cooking oil. The outcome of these was that...
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    Chevy 5.3 on LPG

    Am thinking along the same lines. As the truck would have to go in to have the extra tank fitted they may as well fit the lube kit whilst they have it. I dont suppose it would be much over £100 to have the lube kit fitted when they fit the extra tank.
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    Chevy 5.3 on LPG

    Thanks for the replies lads. If it helps any, its a 2005 model but am not sure which LPG system it is. My Dodge Ram had the Prinz system and that had the oil injection system fitted, thats the reason am asking if the Chevy would require it.
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    Chevy 5.3 on LPG

    Have just been offered a Chevy Silverado Z85 with the 5.3 engine. It already has an LPG system fitted, but no upper cylinder oil injection system Before I pull the trigger on this truck, which I intend using to tow my fiver, what are the views on if it would be best to fit the oil injection...
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    For those traveling to Spain..

    Irun and La Jonquera are going to be busy if they do as they say and check land borders.
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    Towing with a Ford Ranger The 'Hoop' issue

    Am not quite sure what this "hoop" thing is. I tow with a Ford Wildtrac and it has the full wind deflector kit still fitted along with bed top rails. I dont have a problem.
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    Sub Zero Heaters

    I bought the 7kw Chinese diesel heater from ebay at £98. Dave Evans fitted it at Cannock, but as I had a full brake service and one or two other small jobs done at the same time I do not know how much the charge was for fitting the heater. The total bill came to £500 which I thought very...
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    Mosel Rolling Meet.

    We filled up in Luxembourg at 98 cents per litre the other week and with long range fuel tanks that should do our running around until we head home end of September. Also we stock up with cheap coffee whilst there.