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    Scooter rack for RV

    Pictures & price?
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    Dealers who will do part X with an RV

    Could someone post/link the ad over on Fun? Someone may be looking to move up to an RV? I'm not on there these days but I'm sure some of you are..
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    Roof repair recommendations

    I wouldn't p☆☆s on them if they were on fire.....
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    Roof repair recommendations

    Thanks for the information guys. We'll see what happens next.....
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    Roof repair recommendations

    Whereabouts is Dave Evans based?
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    Roof repair recommendations

    I heard that you're pretty handy at 5'er repairs......
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    Roof repair recommendations

    I'd be quite happy to do it myself Brian, but it's the lack of time that's the killer, I do have the use of our works unit, but it's about 2ft too long. I've left a message with Jay at CCRV, I'll give Duncan a call in the morning, Adi is a bit too far but I'll give him a call anyway.
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    Roof repair recommendations

    Thanks, it's a bit beyond that, it needs the EDPM peeling back / removing & some of the plywood beneath replacing.
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    Found Our Next RV....ish.

    It says on their website that "the only limit is your imagination" they obviously haven't seen my bank account. ..........
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    Roof repair recommendations

    I've been to look at a toy hauler, it's pretty good apart from the roof, it's not leaking now but has some historical water ingress & will need a section of the roof repairing. If I had somewhere & some time, I'd happily do it myself but I have neither at the moment. Any recommendations...
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    Cosi Van Tooti

    It belongs to a guy who lives inCanterbury, he's not a member of RVOC, he uses it quite a lot. Really nice chap, known him for a couple of years.
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    Scooter insurance

    They all try to rob us......
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    Breaking Dad

    Bradley Walsh is a really great guy, I did a lot of work for the building developer who built his house, in fact I built the house next door.
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    Breaking Dad

    Is it a new series? I saw an ad for it & just assumed it was a repeat.
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    Hi Guys, looking at a RV but weight seems too high and puts it in HGV class, advice needed

    If you're talking about a converted coach then.. Is it registered as a bus / PSV, or as a motorhome? If the former then probably yes, but it's registered incorrectly If the latter then no.