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    Fuel system type

    I've not seen a multi point lpg conversion on a single point injection vehicle before, I've seen an old diaphragm system on an injected vehicle, but every day's a school day as they say.
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    Equalizer systems auto level 3103 replacement key pad

    I use Ron @ STS Imports all the time for large stuff & things from suppliers who won't ship outside the USA, but if you need it in a hurry try Stackry, it's a forwarding service, similar to STS you get stuff sent to a USA address & they send it on directly to you. They also consolidate items if...
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    Fuel system type

    I'd say probably single point injection or possibly even an older diaphragm type system, as said some pics would help.
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    Towing with a Ford Ranger The 'Hoop' issue

    I'd think that if you have a Sidewinder hitch the need to remove it might not be so bad, it really comes down to how much angle you can get or need before the trailer hits something on the truck. Shorter the bed, the more likely a cab strike.....
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    Toad anyone?

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    Chevy van 30 Four winds

    It's OK, I hadn't read your post properly, I was explaining how to link someone's username.
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    So what they're saying is that the cut off valve, which is basically similar to the ball valve in a toilet tank, is not accurate enough to use as 80% full! It all makes sense then as the vent is fixed at that, I've only once had liquid propane come through the cooker (on an exchange cylinder...
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    Chevy van 30 Four winds

    You can link a name by putting @Geofff as @(insert name) We try to help if we can
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    Tyre blow out

    I had one go on our 5th wheel a few years ago, i assumed it was age, but the date said otherwise, my tyre fitter reckoned it was historical damage & as I know that I hadn't run over anything & it was the rearmost axle, I replaced all four, scrapped the one immediately in front of it & sold the...
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    Chevy van 30 Four winds

    On board diagnostics, from around '99/2000 all vehicles have it & use the same format, but prior to that diagnostics required more specific equipment for different vehicles. Look at the link I posted, it will help.
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    Chevy van 30 Four winds

    On older pre OBD2 diagnostic equipped vehicles its possible to get "codes" by connecting a jumper wire across a couple of the terminals on the diagnostic port. will explain it for you. Welcome to the madhouse BTW
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    Another one bites the dust

    But it's available everywhere & even in a choice of colours too........:wasntme::wasntme::giggle::giggle:
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    Grt Granddad

    Welcome to the club, I only got my membership a few weeks ago & due to the Covid restrictions in Scotland we haven't been able to see the new baby, the wee Krankie changed the rules the day we were set to go up for a week.
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    Going Fiching

    Spoken to my mate, he said he threw away a microfisch reader last fisch though they're long gone, the guy who i think acquired most of the old stock hasn't been seen for a few years but still had his 1600e last time my mate saw him. It was worth asking.
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    Towing experiance

    I know that the Fifth wheel co in Wales offer some training/practice when you buy from them, I don't know of anywhere that offers anything similar. You could get a few lessons with an hgv driving school (Rick, Motor roamin on here is great) but that would mean getting your hgv provisional...