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    I have one very similar in my garage. In the unlikely case of there being two crazed buyers, neither need be disappointed! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    Peace at last :giggle::giggle::giggle:
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    NFU Insurance.

    I was with NFU Mutual for about 10 years but suddenly there was a price hike and I wanted breakdown cover as well (which they didn't do) and so I moved on. Been with both Comfort and Safeguard but I found them to be a bit exxy. Now with Advance Insurance but have no experience of how they handle...
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    Dead Speedo and Tacho problem

    It's little wrinkles like this that make this forum a gold mine of information. It took Mike about 30 hours to resolve the problem but by sharing it on the forum it should reduce others time by 90%. Fantastic.
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    Well, I've been called back in today (you can't deliver good from home)! I will maintain social distancing as it's easy as a delivery driver. London here I come...
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    A frames

    It depends if you want the old over-run braked type or the new electronically-braked type. If you were going to fit it yourself it would have to be the over-run braked type; there are a number of suppliers of this type including Alan Bee at Car-a-Tow in Dorset and Armitage Trailers in West...
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    I don't sit in judgement, it is not for me to say. But it amuses me to see the same old sides being taken. It is not about whether Dominic Cummings was right or wrong, it's the age-old battle of right and left.
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    Spot on. The argument here, as ever, is between loyal Tory supporters and confirmed anti-Tories. It is completely polarised as those who support the Tories will go to any lengths to justify their misdemeanours whilst those who think the Tories are untrustworthy clowns will go for the jugular any...
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    Lockdown jobs

    Looking good Guys. I couldn't even make an exhaust with bean cans and jubilee clips! And as to body work one small stone chip usually develops into a complete respray!
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    Rv under sealing

    That's some serious rubber she's wearing.
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    Not been around lately

    Kent County Council is also a complicated process. And BLOODY expensive!! Ten times what the job should really cost because KCC only licence a few contractors to do drop kerbs for them and so they can charge whatever they want. And he did!!
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    Hi fellow RVers

    Oh yes!
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    For Sale Tilt trailer for sale

    Many thanks for the pics guys. I can now instantly see that it's too big for my requirements. I currently have a BJ Bantam trailer made for carrying a Smart car. It's fitted with motor-movers to make it a cinch to move with the car loaded but that modification prevents me loading my Fiat Panda...
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    For Sale Tilt trailer for sale

    Hi Paul, I would be interested to see some photos as I'm considering (just considering mind) revising my trailer situation. I'm just south east of Maidstone. Cheers
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    This old cherry once again ( Loo Roll )

    There's always a sting in the tail!