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    Bagwell Farm.

    Well it’s only 20 degrees here ! No wind - no rain and quite sunny :-)
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    Interesting RHD RV

    We do most of our driving in Europe so I’m not sure a RHD would be of any benefit to us ;-)
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    Mifi in Europe

    We’ve installed motorhome WiFi with a Vodafone 100gb sim and an o2 100gb sim as back up and we run all TVs etc and internet The Vodafone cost approx £50/month but they’ve stopped providing this and the o2 is about £25 / month but is a lot slower in my experience. My motorhome WiFi was about...
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    Travel insurance i no its a dirty word but.

    We got an annual policy for both of us from Money supermarket for £160 pa - includes USA and Europe unlimited medical cover up to 90 days in any one country
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    Where to source new sofa

    We bought a sofa bed from DFs fits a treat I had 2 spare sofas that I took out of my rv - gave them to James at empire rv in the end - he may still have them if you want to check with him
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    How much trouble could this be?

    Having stripped nearly all my walls out in RRV I would suggest you walk away as it’s a huge job which it very time consuming and if it’s there in that volume it’s going to be in other places too Walk away if you’re looking for an rv to buy
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    Finally got Rv yesterday

    It’ll be like the forth bridge :-) start with 4 jobs end up with 40 :-) enjoy
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    Ferry site

    I booked it several times with a 9mtr motor home plus a 7mtr trailer - worked for me :-)
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    well done boris

    Don’t understand Scotland - they want to unattached themselves from uk (London ) them bloody reattach themselves to eu (Brussels ) WHATS THE POINT !!!!!! Oh yes MONEY
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    well done boris

    With a bit of luck we can now get on with moving forward instead of back and forth
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    We always go by ferry - nice break can have fish and chips for about £12 But if you don’t like boats then the tunnel :-)
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    Election who to vote for

    His advice was to agree a deal - pay the tax upfront and conclude the deal at some point in the future. My business partner wants to buy me out but not for a few years so we’re looking at agreeing a deal and paying the tax under the existing regime and delaying the purchase for a few years hence
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    Election who to vote for

    Better do it quick Rick as labour will be abolishing entrepreneurs relief so you’ll be paying 30%more tax on the proceeds SERIOUSLY - I met with a tax expert yesterday and if you’ve got any assets and are not stinking rich - you’re f**ked
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    Kärcher WV2 Premium window cleaner!

    And just another tip - I’ve fitted 2 - 5” computer fans under the front windscreen cover with a usb connection and turn this on at night - no misted up window :-) even on the most misty damp nights
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    Kärcher WV2 Premium window cleaner!

    We’ve got one and it’s works a treat - but we don’t use it much now as we don’t get much condensation now I’ve spent the last 5 years stripping, sealing and waterproofing virtually every inch of our beautiful home :-)