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    Selling RV

    Hi Steve, how long for, any particular dates, it should be ok , at the moment it's £10 per night, no hook ups, Hope your all good
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    Selling RV

    We are parked up at a Cl near All Cannings called little owls just outside of Devizes
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    Selling RV

    Got a b class now
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    Selling RV

    Hi we are selling our RV we are thinking of using a company called Camper Buyer Ltd. has anyone delt with this company? good/bad. Thanks in advance.
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    Stressed dog

    Try valerian you can get it at the vets or on line, it's a calming drug it's a natural herb, we used it every time before we moved in our RV with our new dog to keep him calm , use it about 30 minutes before you start packing the RV up, our dog was used to traveling with in a few days , we no...
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    Miss Fire

    it's not so warm here and raining, yes we must try and meet up
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    Miss Fire

    Just as we headed for the ferry we developed a miss fire, managed to get too twin lakes OK good result on toll charges as we came off the A10 at Mirambeau jun37 all the booths had the closed sign up then we spotted the yellow vests of protesters who waved us through the Hgv lane and took our...
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    Gas Hob

    I fitted a uk spec cooker (made by Stove) had it connected by the local Calor company saved myself £60 by driving to their yard, the wife is a lot happier with a decent cooker,but if you want to stick to a yank try Motorhomemedics they might have the bits in stock hope this is of some help
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    Duncan - Star Spangled Spanner, Dave Evans -Cannock, RV Medics- Cheltenham,Steve Dunn (Bicester),

    I've had good service from all that I have used, dont forget Steve and tony at Anglo American
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    would just like to say thanks to Daren & Martin at Motorhomemedics for the great service you gave us as always
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    Just got mot done and No observations, so happy now ferrys booked ready to go and find the winter sun
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    LPG register.

    My was not I took it to the company that fitted the system and put it on the register they inspected it first
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    Injector Cleaner additive for petrol Engine, anybody got any recommends?

    Try Wynns they do one, haven't tried it myself
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    House & dog sitting at Vera Spain sun shining temperature mid teens
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    ADAC medical cover

    Got a Email today from Adac telling us that they no longer give cover to anyone who does not live in Germany as off the 1/10/17, now looking for medical insurance, Help