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    Portsmouth stop over site

    First time for me in an Rv! Not like flying is it :) Lots more to think about and I'm actually starting to feel excited? Our route isn't set in stone so may head down as far as Valencia before heading back up the coast. I NEED SUNSHINE (and warmth) :cool:
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    Portsmouth stop over site

    We are there 02/03 for two nights only then Espania! Bilbao then undetermined return up the east coast from Tarragona via Toulouse, Bordeaux, (twin Lakes site). Not towing!
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    Portsmouth stop over site

    Concierge Camping wins! says the missus! (pity no bar though):( says me! Thanks for the recommendations. Now booked. John it was same price for Kingfisher and Concierge.......
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    Portsmouth stop over site

    Hi, does anybody have a suggestion for a stop over site near Portsmouth prior to ferry to Spain?
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    Newmar Ventana

    Phaeton is lovely! They just got a 2016 winnebago vista 29v when I was there last week. Been told its up for £80k
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    windy or what

    Just to let you know not to walk up to Unity over weekend. Due to storm forecast we have cancelled, Unity have offered to move dates FOC because of forecast so we mustn't be the only ones...:( Changed to 27th March.
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    Tony and the bosses travels

    Pity your missing all the lovely weather in the UK. :)
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    If anyone has a spare tenner motorhome fun has a syndicate running tonight only!
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    What to look for?

    Elysians a lovely van ! Just no slide outs. Friend of mine had one prepared for him by RS and thats the thing he missed I think after Rv's in the US.
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    Tony and the bosses travels

    Not jealous at all! :):envy:
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    What to look for?

    After sales I can't fault. I was on a site not really that far bout 60 miles from them and they sent a lad out! It was a trip switch, that's my lack of Rv experience :oops: Also they fitted a splitter (like battery master) to hab batteries as an upgrade but not working properly, again they sent...
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    What to look for?

    Access to your new place is one factor. I've been told anything with a slideout is minimum 7.5t and depending when you passed test? After 1993 I think you will need an hgv class 2 or 'C' class now. I recently bought mine from Signature (Great lads) One tip is check date of tyres! Over 6 years...
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    Good Morning

    Can't you ask to move? at some point during the month. I would.
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    Tyre inflator

    Just bought one £34
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    Socket set

    Size 225/70/R19.5 probably same size as yours. No idea yet for socket size? I called Brian from P&B Tyres in Oswestry yesterday, hopefully will organise someone to come and change it. If it was an inner tyre I prob would have limped it to him but no chance with the outer tyre. For your ref his...