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    Misted double glazed

    Hate to pour cold water on your parade, but it won't last. The seals are broken down for them to mist up. Units are sealed with a desiccant, either in the spacer bar or the solid spacer. The dessicant absorbs any moisture trapped in the unit when it was sealed. The unit is sealed with a low...
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    Good Morning

    Good morning all, looks cold and wet outside. Of to Bexley court this morning, so better get moving. Can never tell what South London traffic is going to be like. Have a great day everyone.
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    Equalizer systems auto level 3103 replacement key pad
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    Equalizer systems auto level 3103 replacement key pad

    There is a guy everyone recommends on here, who brings a container about every 6 weeks. You get your part posted to him and he brings it over. Have a search on here, or hopefully, someone with a better memory, will come on and tell you. Just came to me STS imports. Have a search for that.
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    Good Morning

    Good morning, wet in kent as well this morning. Oh well, ducks will like it. Not that we have any ducks.
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    LPG filling issues

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    Good Morning

    Good morning all, just off to discover the morning wonders of the M25 and the Dartford crossing.
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    Good Morning

    A very late good morning, been really busy this morning, running mother in law around various hospital appointments.
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    10.4m of RV and the dog thinks this is the best place to relax

    Yep, mine likes it down there, think it must be a bit like a Den
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    Chevy van 30 Four winds

    If you copy the link to your clipboard, then click the little chain above your writing on here and post the link. (y)
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    Tyre blow out

    Could have hit some debris.
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    Good Morning

    Good morning from a grey and overcast kent.
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    Tyre blow out

    Oops, welcome to the club
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    Good Morning

    Good morning all, sounds dry outside. But feels chilly. Still it is nearly November. Where has this year gone.
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    Possibly more of a problem in hotter climates. Like Texas and Florida. A really hot day here is 30c, I don't think the gas ever gets warm enough to cause a problem.