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    Oil Pressure Switch Woes!

    If there was ever a reason for Adi to continue to look after my Camelot, his response above provides the evidence.
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    Flat towing smart 453

    A quick internet search/motorhomefun suggests you cannot.
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    Weight Limits

    You need to check the weight plate inside the vehicle. The V5 may state 7.49t but a 2006 brochure for your vehicle puts the unloaded weight at a minimum of 7.9t.
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    Any wrap ideas?

    If you have a good wrapper that’s good. At the 2012 Silverstone F1, there was an almost new Tiffin Open Road rental which had been wrapped in pink for a promotion. The wrap had been removed prior to the Grand Prix taking off a large amount of paintwork. I was told the owner was unaware his RV...
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    Weight Limits

    Unfortunately I have also heard this many times in over 15 years of owning RV’s. About 12+ years ago someone brought a court case which resulted in both parties loosing their shirts. I have heard on numerous occasions inexperienced salesmen tell customers that it’s a “grey area”. As Rob has...
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    If you Build it they will come 2

    All the best for the new business. Looking forward to seeing the fully fitted glass splashback in the toilets.
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    Only in America and Instant Divorce!

    2020 NEWMAR NEW AIRE Quantity Views Date Posted 1 676 Sun February 7, 2021 Asking Price Shipping Amount Condition $315,000.00 None Excellent Description: LITERLLY BRAND NEW! I BOUGHT A FULLY LOADED 2020 NEWMAR NEW AIRE AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT TO WIFE AND SHE WANTS...
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    Tyre compressor recommendations

    I will also recommend Viair. The 450P -RV easily copes with the truck tyres on my Camelot. Definitely not cheap in the UK but is frequently recommended on US RV forums.
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    Survey powys council, for Aire

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    Any off the floor recovery companies

    Try “Rogers Rescue” of Kidderminster. Roger has had RVs for many years and currently owns a Camelot. He may have an empty vehicle returning from a delivery.
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    Full Service/Check over and Habitation Check Recommendation

    I cannot remember exactly, other than it was just before they left for Spain. Possibly something to do with the electronics, it was about £1K. They have been running on LPG since new. I have never owned a petrol RV so I am biased. I can’t say I have met too many owners of LPG conversions who...
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    Full Service/Check over and Habitation Check Recommendation

    I know of two Forest River Georgetown owners. One is a sometimes RVOC member. I believe it is a 2006 which they have had since new. Although I haven’t seen the owners for a season the only real problem they have had with it has been the gas conversion. They have been very pleased with their...
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    Full Service/Check over and Habitation Check Recommendation

    Many RV purchases have been fraught with problems when their heart has ruled their head. Not saying you are in that position, so do have it checked. Unless it’s really confidential, what model and year are you looking at? There is considerable knowledge within RVOC and I am sure a member will...
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    September 2021 free weekend camping again at Stratford upon Avon race course 2021.

    85+ Jason. That’s brilliant. Going back to Americana in the early years there were never that many, even if you included those outside on the runway. This will be the most RVs ever seen in the UK in the same place.