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    Happy Birthday to Ek - Ek&lol

    Happy Birthday from both of us. Have a good one.
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    dvla license

    DVLA received my HGV renewal On 4th April but I have not received my licence back. Their website states my “Driving licence has expired” as well as “You have a full driving licence”. Also covered by Section 88 Regulations.
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    Lockdown jobs

    Twin exhaust and tag axle. Looks good. Bet its got a better exhaust noise.
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    Hi fellow RVers

    RHD Daybreak - didn’t that belong to Elkie Brooks?
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    Rv scooter/bike rack.

    With all these new bike lanes being opened, you need a bike rack on the back of the Fiat.
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    What great toys do we have in the garage.

    Never understood why the AWD was only available in LHD. It would have been good competition for the A8.
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    Interesting watch, ice cubes poo tank.

    It's a Thetford Tecma. 13 years old, so all you can adjust is the level above the outlet. There is an isolating water supply valve which I have also turned down.
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    Interesting watch, ice cubes poo tank.

    We have one but it is very difficult to alter the volume of water per flush. The black tank can fill very quickly.
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    Mobile Cummins Mechanic - South Wales

    Try the local bus garage. Many buses have Cummins engines. (Some have Allison gearboxes). Ask the mechanics if they do private work. Guarantee someone will say “Yes”. Let them know the jacks will lift the RV so they can get underneath.
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    Coronavirus scare - the hoax of the century?

    A good story, but otherwise Fake News. Coronaviruses are a group of different viruses of which Covid-19 is just one example. In the same way as there are many patents for Beta Blockers there will be many Coronavirus patents, all of which are chemically different. Some patented viruses have...
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    Anybody heard of this company or used them ?

    Only because you have the optional wine cellar and hot tub.
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    Anybody heard of this company or used them ?

    Some wheels are coated and should be polished with normal shampoo.
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    Anybody heard of this company or used them ?

    Use an abrasive, old tooth brush, nylon scourer and keep at it. Only downside, you might get repetitive strain injury in your wrist.
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    Anybody heard of this company or used them ?

    Mothers Power Ball, different sizes and use with Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish. I’ve always bought them off eBay. A few years back a truck rally started at Stratford Racecourse. They were all highly polished wheels and exhausts Etc. They all used Mothers followed by White Diamond Metal...
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    An Authority on the Virus giving advice

    As the virus doesn’t like to see its own reflection, I polish my alloys everyday to keep the virus away.