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    Extend a Stay Help

    It looks okay and the seller (Mobile RV maintenance) are very good. If you do have any doubts, contact them on eBay and they'll respond quickly.
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    Water found inside outside lockers

    Hmmm it's not good to have water in any locker really. Have a look at the (rubber?) seals around each door to make sure they are ok. Maybe take a peek inside, just above the lockers and check for leaking pipes etc
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    How can we learn how everything works in our RV?

    This might be of some help, to get you going...
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    How can we learn how everything works in our RV?

    Same here on the Isle of Man ;) If you could refresh our memories as to which RV make and model, we can all chip in with some advice
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    TV Signal Reception Trouble!

    I gave up with the Winegard antenna and bought this from Amazon. It's turned out to be absolutely brilliant! (and it's cheap too)
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    Brit living in the US, coming home with an RV

    Hi Lofty and welcome to the club. I'm afraid I can't help you but I'm sure some of our knowledgeable members on here will assist you soon. Merv and Sandra
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    Brittany Ferrys

    Looking like Portugal and temp residency this winter then (y)
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    My life just went up in smoke

    So sorry to hear that John, but fully understandable. You and Tina will be missed on here and on the roads. We wish you both good luck Merv and Sandra xx
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    Looking to RV full time (Motorhome VIRGIN)

    Hi and welcome to the club and good luck with finding your dream RV. Merv and Sandra
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    My life just went up in smoke

    John, Tina and Steve.... We're still in a state of shock at the recent events and we are both feeling your pain and anguish Like many posters have said before, if there is anything we can do to help you through this awful time please get in touch with us.
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    another newbie

    Hi and welcome to the club, lots of help and advice on here but sadly I can't chip in. Good luck Merv and Sandra
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    Just Discovered Treasure! Your site!

    Hi Dene465 and welcome to the club, nice looking coach you have there. (y) I'm sure someone on here will be happy to help you out but they're probably all eating their dinners right now. Good luck Merv and Sandra
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    My life just went up in smoke

    Oh no! What a dreadful thing to happen, so , so sorry for both of you.....but very glad you're all ok. What caused it?
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    With great regret

    Sad news indeed, our condolences to Lawrence and the family
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    Well she had the last word,

    Awwww how cute (y)